Plastic free packaging ideas for your business


This plastic free July, the team want to showcase some the best projects that we’ve worked on this year which prove that we are consciously thinking about making the planet a better place.

Our main purpose at Supreme Creations is to provide businesses with the tools to ditch plastic packaging and opt for a plastic free shipping method.

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses to provide some of the most premium packaging in ethically sources fabrics. We pledge to make our products from vegan, fairtrade, and organic fabrics.

Why should you opt for plastic free packaging?

Like many businesses, going plastic free is the future of marketing and sales. Due to the alarming rates of plastic pollution, it should be the main initiative to swap plastic for sustainable methods for packaging. Whether it is to encourage refill to increase returning customers, incentives for customers such as reusable tote bagscustomised bags with printed logos.

To refresh your memory, here are some of the best projects we’ve worked on for companies who opted to go plastic free for their packaging.

1. Strawberry Fill Station:

We worked with Strawberry Fill Station wanted to create refill drawstring bags as part of their delivery service for wholefoods and household products. The main idea behind this form of packaging was to encourage reusing and refilling the bags with Strawberry Fill Station’s products repeatedly.

There is no plastic waste and customers will receive their products inside a branded bag and return once finished.

2. Suma Organic cotton soap bag:

Suma organic wanted to encourage plastic free and shower friendly packaging for soaps and haircare bars.

Made with organic cotton, this mesh soap bag can even double up as an natural exfoliator for the skin.

The bag even include drawstring ribbons, giving the option to hang in the shower!

3. Bable candle drawstring bags:

The candle company that took the internet by storm during the pandemic.

Supreme Creations worked with Bable candles to create a bespoke candle drawstring bag as a plastic free alternative.

Each drawstring bag can fit two candles and they can even be repurposed to store you toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup brushes.

Founder, Bianca also included a trade in service, where if customers collect 7 Bable cloth bags, you can send the bags back and receive free candles! Win-win.

4. Bonsoirs tote bag :

French brand Bonsoirs, are a premium bed linens and home goods company.

The main objective for their product was to create a tote bag to store their bed linens before shipping off to customers.

The bag was a perfect answer to plastic free packaging because it was a great answer for branding. We added their branding colours and logo to add a personalized feature to their packaging solution.

Plastic free packaging ideas for your business:

Strawberry Fill Station
Suma Organic cotton soap bag
Bable candle drawstring bags
Bonsoirs tote bag

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