The Future of Sustainable Fashion: Key Takeaways from IPF Forum 2024

IPF Forum 2024

The fashion world is amid a green revolution, as evidenced by the recent Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) Forum hosted by the British Fashion Council. Held on April 18th 2024 in London, this gathering of industry frontrunners explored the path to a circular fashion ecosystem by 2030.

Dr. R. Sri Ram, the visionary behind Bags of Ethics by Supreme Creations, delivered an impactful presentation on the rise of clean manufacturing and eco-friendly growth. He noted the shift towards sustainability isn’t just a trend but a consumer-driven movement towards greener choices.

Embracing Global Circularity

Dr. Sri Ram spotlighted the age-old circular practices found in many cultures. He cited the example of India’s saree, which undergoes transformations throughout its life, as a model for sustainable living that the world should adopt.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

While the journey towards upcycling faces hurdles such as collection and processing, Dr. Sri Ram sees a silver lining. With the U.S. discarding approximately 17 billion kilograms of clothing annually, there’s a massive potential for recycling and upcycling.

A Unified Call for Sustainable Action

He emphasised the need for technological advancements and governmental backing to make sustainable practices economically viable. He called upon the industry to prioritise textiles made from either 100% natural or 100% synthetic fibers to streamline recycling efforts.

Don't Miss Out!

Missed the IPF Forum? Dive into Dr. Sri Ram’s enlightening discourse on circular fashion and its role in curbing carbon emissions. Let’s unite for a greener fashion future.

Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement.

IPF Forum Insights

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