Engaging Airport Passengers in Sustainability: Our Founder Shares Insightful Strategies

In a bustling airport, where millions traverse each year, Dr R. Sri Ram, Founder of Bags of Ethics/Supreme Creations, underscores the importance of captivating passengers' attention towards sustainability.

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing reusable products for global brands, Dr Sri outlines five impactful strategies to infuse airports with meaningful sustainability narratives.

Visual Engagement:

Utilise all airport spaces for compelling sustainability visuals and videos. Dr Sri highlights storytelling’s power, showcasing products’ sustainable journeys to resonate with diverse passengers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Reduce plastic with reusable options and sustainable packaging, creating emotional connections and promoting mindful consumption through product details.

Staff Training:

Knowledgeable staff boost passenger trust. Dr Sri cites the success of Hamad International Airport, promoting sustainable choices.

Point of Sale Narratives:

Incorporate sustainability narratives at point-of-sale, utilising screens, signage, and QR codes. These mediums not only educate but also encourage conscious consumption.

Public Spaces:

Transform public spaces into green, calming environments, encouraging relaxation and reflection. Initiatives like the Green Tree Badge engage children, promoting sustainability from a young age.

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