Sustainability & Supply Chain

Decoding Sustainability Jargon

At Supreme Creations we know that sustainability can be confusing. There is a lot of jargon thrown about, and it’s hard to know what the hell anyone is on about. We thought it would be helpful to make a glossary of these new sustainability terms, and define them in an easy, simple way so that you may use this as a reference point when talking, reading, or thinking about sustainability.
Sustainability & Supply Chain

10 Ways to Use Your Reusable Tote Bag

Use your tote bag to easily transport your food and drink to work. Tote bags are superior in strength compared to plastic and paper bags so you can make sure your lunch always arrives at work in one piece. If you are, however having a clumsy day, spillages can be removed easily by simply putting your tote in the washing machine – another reason totes are better than plastic and paper.


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