The Wings of Hope Speed Mentoring 2024: Empowering Futures

The Wings of Hope Children’s Charity, founded by Dr. Ram Sriram and Mrs. Rajni Sriram, has been empowering children globally for two decades.

The Wings of Hope Children’s Charity, founded by Dr. Ram Sriram and Mrs. Rajni Sriram, has been empowering children globally for two decades. Through programs like the Wings of Hope Achievements Awards (WOHAA) in the UK and financial support for education in impoverished countries, they’re making a lasting impact on young lives, offering them opportunities for a brighter future.

The 12th annual Wings of Hope Speed Mentoring event, in partnership with the London Business School (LBS) Volunteering Society, brought together experience and enthusiasm to inspire young minds on March 17th, 2024. Dr. Ram Sriram welcomed attendees with an inspiring speech, setting the tone for the day’s activities.

The event featured 28 mentors from over 30 industries, aiming to demystify the journey into the working world for students aged 13 to 20. Rather than focusing solely on traditional career paths, the event highlighted the twists and turns that often define real-life careers.

Smruti Sriram, the event organiser, emphasised the richness of experiences shared by mentors, from taking gap years to navigating career shifts or even forgoing formal degrees. The message resonated: the road to success is rarely linear.

Students gave the event a great rating of 8.5 out of 10. They said it helped them discover new interests and figure out what they wanted to do in their careers. Some got interested in fashion, while others learned practical things about different industries. Overall, students felt more confident and excited about their future job possibilities.

Angela Farrugia, the keynote speaker, epitomised this theme with her entrepreneurial journey, emphasising the importance of pursuing passions and embracing career changes. Other mentors, including Dr. Amir, Travis, Ekta, Anakaren, and Alex, shared their unique career paths, underscoring the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

The event’s impact extended beyond students, resonating with parents and teachers who recognised the value of holistic career guidance beyond traditional norms.

For those interested in supporting future events or bringing the Wings of Hope initiative to their school, inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

Watch the Speed Mentoring event from the Wings of Hope Achievement Award

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