10 Ways to Use Your Reusable Tote Bag


Did you know that our tote bags can be used 5,000 times and can hold 15kg? Here are 10 fun ways you can use your reusable bag today to make sure it can live its life to the fullest.

Carry your lunch to work:

Use your tote bag to easily transport your food and drink to work. Tote bags are superior in strength compared to plastic and paper bags so you can make sure your lunch always arrives at work in one piece. If you are, however having a clumsy day, spillages can be removed easily by simply putting your tote in the washing machine – another reason totes are better than plastic and paper.

Hold your gym kit :

Gone are the days where is was fashionable and cool to lug an enormous athletic-style sports bag to work in order to go to the gym. Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable to carry your trainers and gym outfit in a bag that is much easier to carry. Some people carry their gym kits in old plastic supermarket bags, which is great but we can go one step better and carry our kits in a bag that will degrade after its final use.

Store things in your wardrobe :

Most of us have, at some point, fallen victim to the ‘sea of stuff’ that quickly accumulates at the bottom of a wardrobe. It is easy to shut its doors and pretend to yourself and others that you are organised and tidy. Well, pretend no more – because tote bags can be used as great tools for organisation. They can be filled with stuff and bunched together in drawers or the bottom of a wardrobe, or hung inside wardrobe doors and stop your shoes straying.

Carry your groceries :

No prizes for guessing this use! Not only are tote bags stronger than conventional plastic supermarket bags (so you can carry more groceries) – but they also last longer and if you live in a country where there is a tax on plastic bags this will save you money in the longterm. A tote bag made from a natural fibre is derived from a renewable source (i.e not oil) and instead of lingering in the environment for centuries to come, it will degrade after you are finished using it.

Fold and carry in your suitcase :

Who says you can’t do your bit to save the planet whilst on your travels? Tote bags can be folded flat and slipped into your going away bag so that you can easily carry your holiday groceries and souvenirs without causing harm to the local area through plastic bag pollution.

Carry your laptop :

Weather permitting obviously, tote bags are great for carrying laptops. They are the perfect laptop-size and a Bags of Ethics tote will hold 15kg in weight. You can carry your laptop with ease and even pop paperwork in there too to ensure it doesn’t crease.

For a weekend away :

Weekends can be great for quick getaways to recharge before the week ahead. Make yours stress-free and simple by fitting everything you need into a tote bag. They can be surprisingly roomy and will often hold a couple of outfits, a small sponge bag and a change of shoes. It is all too easy to over-pack for a weekend trip, but remember they are only 48 hours – pack light and enjoy an easy trip.

Take on a picnic :

Picnics are great fun – eating outdoors with friends and family, enjoying the surroundings, feeling the breeze on your skin – but carrying all the empty packaging and tupperware in a bulky picnic bag afterwards can almost ruin the meal! If you pack a simple picnic in a tote bag you can fold your tote away and continue to enjoy your day.

Store cleaning products :

Keep your cleaning products in an easily accessible tote bag instead of allowing them to colonise the bottom of a utility cupboard in your house. Not only is hanging them in a bag a safer option if your household includes vulnerable people or pets, but it also frees up cupboard-floor space.

Hold baby items :

It is no secret that babies come with an enormous entourage of ‘stuff’ – bottles, nappies, spare outfits, wipes, snacks, the list goes on. The area under a pushchair is very finite and you are unlikely to be able to fit everything you need under there for a trip out with your baby. Use one of our long-handled totes to hang over the handles of your buggy to store your baby’s daily necessities.

10 Ways to Use Your Reusable Tote Bag

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