NewGen30: a new collaboration between Bags of Ethics and the British Fashion Council


2023 is a special year—it marks the 30th anniversary of the British Fashion Council (BFC) NEWGEN, a program that’s been a launchpad for emerging fashion stars, including the iconic Alexander McQueen.

To celebrate and support future talents, eight NEWGEN Alumni designers have donated signature prints.

These tote bags aren’t just fashionable; they’re practical and sturdy. Made from strong canvas with reinforced bases and lined with cotton.

Inside pockets for your reusable bottle, and an additional pocket for your phone, keys, and coins.

The base has feet, and the handles are padded to fit over your wrist or be carried in your hand.

They’re eco-friendly, non-toxic inks and crafted with care in our manufacturing facility in South India.

Plus, every bag you buy helps the British Fashion Council Foundation nurture young UK designers.

Mary Katrantzou:

Mary Katrantzou’s ‘Dynasty’ print from the FW2011 Collection draws inspiration from global artefacts,with a rooster symbolizing Chinese culture’s luck. It beautifully blends diverse trinkets and collectables.


The Joy print of SS21 pays homage to traditional Nigerian fabric, while SS23’s ‘Africa Is Limitless’ collection celebrates diverse African cultures.

The A logo print in SS23 embodies Africa’s rich elements. It’s a stylish ode to Africa’s boundless inspiration.


London’s Michael Halpern, famed for his eponymous brand, blends glamour and hyper-femininity in homage to classical couture.

His latest Tote Bag, inspired by Studio 54 and zebra prints, captivates with glitter ink and uniqueness.


In the Autumn Winter 2021 Collection, vibrant optimism shines through diverse structures and colours.

Silk scarf dresses with hand-drawn details inspired by studio paintings are reimagined into graphic forms. Bold female nude figures adorn silk twill gowns, celebrating femininity and empowerment.

Christopher Kane:

The donated print from SS22, known as The Psyche Floral, draws inspiration from 1970s floral bedspreads and psychedelics, offering a playful and subversive twist.

Bold and captivating colours are the key elements, aiming to evoke joy and positive energy in viewers.


Erdem celebrated for his inventive textiles and craftsmanship, counts Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, and Arizona Muse among his clients.

His newest tote bag, adorned with a crisp white and green ‘Rosalind’ print, effortlessly marries elegance with practicality.

Where to find the NewGen30 Collection?

The NewGen30 collection is available at the London’s Design Museum shop.

These gorgeous designer tote bags are available at prestigious luxury retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Harrods, and Fenwick, and on our Bags of Ethics website – Browse the collection HERE

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Designers Inspiration:

Mary Katrantzou
Christopher Kane

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