Press Release from the Guardian: Bags for Life

Dr Sri Ram, the "Bag for life" manufacturer received an environmental award from HMR King Charles III Business in the Community charity.
Dr.Sri Ram with HRH King Charles III

Guardian : "Bag for life" article

The world’s largest manufacturer of “bags for life” has warned that the UK is lagging behind other countries after failing to agree a national policy involving an outright ban on plastic bags. Supreme Creations, based in the UK with Indian manufacturing, makes millions of cotton and jute bags every year for retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, the Co-operative, Debenhams, The Energy Saving trust, Oxfam and Topshop.
Last night after receiving an environmental award from the Prince of Wales’s Business in the Community charity, the founder of the company said the “crucial environmental issue” appeared not to be a priority for British retailers and urged them to do more to catch up with international competitors. Read full article here.

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