Cost Effective Design And Products Tips: Sustainable Packaging And Bags


You want to create a personalized bag for a promotional campaign or giveaway but you are on a tight budget?

You wish to create and sell a product that will be perfect while paying attention to the selling price and your profits?

Then, this article is just for you!

There are many factors to take into consideration and our sales managers at Supreme Creations will guide you to make the best choices to create the most cost-effective product possible.

To our advantage, (and yours) we own our ethical manufacturing house based in Pondicherry and control the whole supply chain.

Thanks to a 20 years’ experience, we will always offer you the smartest options for a uniquely designed product for you and the customers.

How to make a tote bag cost effective?

A tote bag is always the perfect give-away for a promotional campaign: it is useful and it is showcasing your brand identity with your very own design and logo printed on it.

But how can we help you create the perfect product with the highest perceived value while being cost effective?

Choosing a Fabric for your Tote Bag

As we are producing on order, we can offer a large choice of fabric for your bag. Sometimes it is better to put more money into details and choose a lighter fabric for your bag.

For smaller budget, our sales managers recommend untreated cotton. The whiter the cotton is, the more treatment it went through.

A natural, untreated cotton will always be your best pick if you look for the cheapest option and good news: it is also the most eco-friendly – a great USP to advertise.

The fabric thickness is also something you can play with to lower your costs:

Choose preferably a lighter fabric such as 5oz cotton to make the bag even more affordable.

Choosing the right dimensions

Did you know you also have freedom to make your bag smaller? We can fit your budget because we own our factory and supply chain.

As we do bespoke productions, any change is not too much to ask on our side. Simply let us know of the changes you need, and we can make this happen. A smaller bag can make it “special”

Choosing a printing technique

Our team can print any design and logo onto your bags. However, “Less is More” is a moto to follow if you are watching your costs as you should bear in mind that the more complex your design is the pricier it is.

If you want a unique bag design which stands out, you do not need a complex design with multiple colours. A unique colour can be enough if you go for an edge-to-edge print (also known as full bleed print) or an original artwork.

This is cost effective, and your tote bag will be unique.

Add gussets to your tote bag

By adding a bottom gusset to your tote or drawstring pouch, your bag will have extra space and increase its functionality. It also gives modern look to a bag and make it stand out with a unique structure.

Our drawstring bags with gusset will add flair and give the bag more elegance. Stay assured that your packaging will stand out from the crowd!

Add Special Trims to Your Product

“The devil is in the details” they say, and it has never been this true!

A smartly chosen detail will add to the perceived value of your bag without sending your budget sky rocketing.

As we are an ethical and sustainable manufacturer, we keep dead stock from previous productions. Nothing is ditched, we keep everything!

And the good news being that you can use this stock for your own product.

You could add contrasting handles for example.

Not only is this an original touch but using upcycled cotton is also a wonderful USP to advertise!

Add a branded label

Don’t forget, If your bag is too plain and you’re looking for that extra finishing touch, you can add a branded label.

Branded woven labels are also a cost-effective trim that will add a premium feel to your final product. We can make it for you too!

How to make a drawstring bag cost effective?

As you are thinking about creating the perfect drawstring bags, you might wonder how to take your product to the next level, instead of keeping the appearance “basic” to match your brand identity.

Choosing the right ribbon

To give your drawstring bags a more premium look, simply add black contrasting cotton cords to give an edgier aesthetic to your bag.

Looking for a luxurious option? Add grosgrain style ribbons (matte finish) or the classic satin (shiny) ribbons to add a contrasting texture to the cotton bag.

You can even match the colour to your print for quantities above 500 units.

Zipped pouches/ wash bags :

When thinking about creating customizable wash bags and pouches for your business, there are many intricate sewing work involved that can become pricier than our other textile products.

But don’t fret!

By adding features, you can raise your game while keeping you costs low.

Like an inner lining, go for a nylon lining which will be more cost effective than a cotton one. Of course you can go without

Regarding zips, using nylon zippers are another alternative to using metallic ones and you can even have them in assorted colour to match your pouch or choose to add a contrasting zip for a unique effect.

As you can see there are so many possibilities in creating a cost-effective product that does not break the bank and looks unique and stylish at the same time.

We pride ourselves in taking any challenge and creating a product that can stand out from the crowd and can become a memorable product for years to come.

Have a business idea? Contact us for a quote.

Cost Effective Design And Products Tips: Sustainable Packaging And Bags

Choosing a Fabric for your Tote Bag
Fabric thickness : 5oz cotton
Fabric thickness : 11oz
Printing technique
Tote Bag with Gusset
Drawstring Bag with Gusset
Coloured Handle
Add a branded label
Choosing the right ribbon
Zipped pouches/ wash bags

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