Bags of Ethics Diwali Party 2023


On the 8th of November 2023, the vibrant Bags of Ethics community, comprising brands, stylists, journalists, designers, creators, entrepreneurs, retailers, academics, sustainability experts, and members of the supply chain, gathered to joyously observe Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.

Dr. R. Sri Ram, the visionary Founder of Bags of Ethics/Supreme Creations, and his wife, Mrs. Rajni Sriram, Co-Founder of The Wings of Hope, graciously hosted the annual celebration at the esteemed Royal Automobile Club in London.

In his opening address, Dr. Sri shared insights into the profound significance of Diwali—symbolizing light, hope, peace, and friendship. He expressed, “The sentiments of this festival could not be more fitting than at this time. We wish for communities to unite, come together, and rejoice through shared meals, illuminated lamps, and collective dance.” He also drew parallels to the Hindu epic “The Ramayana,” where Lord Rama’s triumphant return was marked by lit lamps and fireworks.

Throughout the evening, guests immersed themselves in Indian culture through delectable cuisine crafted by celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala and mesmerizing dance performances by world-renowned Kathak dancers, led by Kumar Sharma.

A captivating display showcased the craftsmanship of the Supreme Creations factory in Pondicherry, India, featuring client work for the NewGen30 campaign, the Green Tree Badge, Selfridges, and various bespoke manufacturing products like reusable bags and sustainable packaging.

A captivating display showcased the craftsmanship of the Supreme Creations factory in Pondicherry, India, featuring client work for the NewGen30 campaign, the Green Tree Badge, Selfridges, and various bespoke manufacturing products like reusable bags and sustainable packaging.

Smruti Sriram, the dynamic Chief Executive of Supreme Creations/Bags of Ethics, then invited the dancers to lead a lively workshop, infusing high energy into the atmosphere with the Bollywood hit “Kala Chashma.”

Distinguished brands like Harrods, British Fashion Council, Boots, Value Retail, Pentagram, Reliance, Bonsoirs, Selfridges, Damien Hirst, Lock & Co, Liberty of London, and more graced the event. The creative community, including iconic British fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes, fashion critic Sarah Mower MBE, singer Arjun, TV presenter Saira Khan, DJ and model Zara Martin, beauty blogger Karishma, actor Yanick Ghanty, artist Daniel Lismore, BBC presenter Sonya Barlow, model Diana Haj Mirzaali, presenter Sugapuff, Bollywood Choreographer Naz Choudhury, and many others, came together in celebration.

Distinguished guests also included representatives from the Mayor of London team, the Department for Business and Trade, University of Arts London, Cambridge University, Royal Forestry Society, Chelsea Physic Garden, PwC, EY, and London Business School.

Teachers supporting The Wings of Hope Achievement Award from across the country, including those from Tranby College, Harrodian, Dulwich College, North London Grammar, St. Paul’s School, Villier’s, and Brooke House College, joined in the festivities.

To all our teams around the world, we extend warm wishes for a joyous, peaceful, and prosperous Diwali.

Diwali Party 2023

Smruti Sriram, Dr. R. Sri Ram, Rajni Sriram
Smruti Sriram and Saira Khan
Sylvie Freund-Pickavance
Arooj Aftab and Louisa McDonald
Dame Zandra Rhodes and Boots
Sarah Mower MBE, Dame Zandra Rhodes
PJ Singh
Nisha Aaliya & Yanick Ghanty
NAZ CHOUDHURY and Moshida Khalifah
Diana Haj-mirzaali
Zara Martin
Arjun Artist

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