Bags of Ethics and The Royal Forestry Society have launched The Green Tree Badge

Discover The Green Tree Badge, a landmark initiative by the Royal Forestry Society and Bags of Ethics
Oct 18, 2023

Best Family Days Out for October Half Term 2023

The Telegraph have picked up Green Tree Badge to be a recommended Half Term Outdoor Activity…read more HERE

Sep 19, 2023

Green Tree Badge initiative launched to inspire millions of children

Together The Royal Forestry Society and Bags of Ethics has launched a new Green Tree Badge initiative, to support millions of children nationwide get involved with the world of trees. The national initiative aims to support millions of children’s engagement with trees and strengthen their understanding of the important role trees have in the earth’s ecosystem and the battle against climate change….read more HERE

Sep 06, 2023

Initiative to engage more children with trees launches at Kew Gardens

The Royal Forestry Society, and Bags of Ethics have launched a nationwide initiative, the Green Tree Badge, to get children more engaged with trees…read more HERE

Sep 06, 2023

Bags of Ethics and the Royal Forestry Society are joining forces to make positive change

This month marks the start of a landmark, nationwide initiative, The Green Tree Badge The pioneering campaign aims to put trees and nature centre stage for children and their communities this year… read more HERE

Sep 05, 2023

Millie Mackintosh made the most of the surprise sun by taking her two daughters to Kew Gardens

Ex-Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh made the most of the surprise sun by taking her two daughters to Kew Gardens yesterday for a green initiative by Bags of Ethics and the Royal Forestry Society that aims to teach kids about the wild. Mackintosh, who was part of the MIC party set, recently marked a year of being sober….read more HERE

Sep 05, 2023

Ellie Goulding and David Jason back new Royal Forestry Society scheme

SIR David Jason and singer Ellie Goulding are among the leading names to lend their support to a new Royal Forestry Society (RFS) initiative that aims to reach one million children across the country….read more HERE

Sep 05, 2023

Millie Mackintosh attends Royal Forestry Society event with her daughters Sienna, three, and Aurelia, 21 months

Millie Mackintosh cut a summery figure as she attended an event hosted by Green Tree Badge by Bags of Ethics and Royal Forestry Society at Kew Gardens on Monday.… read more HERE

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Materials &Techniques

Inks And Dyes Used In The Textile Industry: Why Choosing Water Based Inks And Dyes Is A Necessity

Colour is a catalyst in sales success within the fashion industry. The first thing consumers notice about a piece of clothing before the fabric or size is the colour of the garment. The brightness or shade of clothing as well as how it might suit their complexion and their personal preferences. However, colour dyes in clothing is known to be harmful to the environment and the people in the surrounding areas close to factories.
Work/ Partnerships

Supreme Creations x Chefs in Schools

Chefs in schools is a charitable initiative that aims to improve the health of children through better school food and education. While writing the School Food Plan, Henry Dimbleby (a governor at his children’s state primary, Gayhurst Community School in Hackney) posted a tweet asking whether anyone would be interested in taking over the school kitchen.
Sustainability & Supply Chain

Decoding Sustainability Jargon

At Supreme Creations we know that sustainability can be confusing. There is a lot of jargon thrown about, and it’s hard to know what the hell anyone is on about. We thought it would be helpful to make a glossary of these new sustainability terms, and define them in an easy, simple way so that you may use this as a reference point when talking, reading, or thinking about sustainability.
Materials &Techniques

Green Businesses

It seems today the trending topic in the business world is ‘going green’. These moves by big businesses to try and cut carbon emissions, use greener energy, and improve their effect on the environment, are all a positive movement towards a greener future. However, at a time when ‘green’ is in, we want to know how many of these claims are ‘greenwashing’, painting businesses in a positive light whereas in reality their practices are far from sustainable.
Materials &Techniques

Fibre Focus: Cotton

Choosing a fibre from a design perspective can be challenging enough, but the fibre that a fabric is made from also has numerous environmental and social impacts. It can be difficult to work out the best option when selecting a fibre.
Materials &Techniques

Simple patterns to print on your tote bags

A spot repeat pattern is can give surprisingly varied prints when small changes are made. Small dots give a traditional and uniform appearance. Patterns like this are great for conventional and classic designs, or for printed inner linings. Use a half-drop repeat for a more directional print. Dense coloured spots on a white background give fabric a fresh look that is perfect for all purposes – from kitchen to cosmetics.


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