‘Bags of Ethics’ wins a Marie Claire’s UK Sustainability Award 2022

Supreme Creations’ Sustainable Label ‘Bags of Ethics’ has been awarded the Marie Claire UK Sustainability Award 2022 for Best Supply Chain in Fashion.

At Supreme Creations, we have always been proud of the fact that we are the World’s Largest Ethical Manufacturer of Reusable Bags, Eco Packaging & Giveaways. Our Sustainable Label ‘Bags of Ethics’ has been at the forefront of reusable products that not only help ease the lives of people, but also provide for a greener and cleaner planet for future generations.

As the mother company of ‘Bags of Ethics’, we at Supreme Creations take great pride in welcoming the recognition that the prestigious Marie Claire awards have bestowed on Bags of Ethics. To be awarded with UK Sustainability Award 2022 for Best Supply Chain in Fashion is a moment of joy and celebration for all of us.

With a no-nonsense vision to help our consumers with sustainable and eco-friendly products for everyday living, Bags of Ethics has been proudly serving the society since its inception. We also believe that the supply chain expertise and business practices we have developed over the years have been directed towards making the earth a better place to live. As such, we welcome anyone – brand or consumer, to connect with us to learn from our experiences, how they too can make a difference by being ethical and sustainable.

Marie Claire UK for the last 30 years has been encouraging conscious consumption, with a focus on purchasing quality over quantity, and placing great emphasis on reusing and recycling. Their annual Sustainability Awards are a grand celebration of such brands, organizations and products which are designed with the earth in mind.

These highly coveted awards are adjudged by Marie Claire’s team and a guest panel which comprises of over 50 leading sustainability experts, thought leaders, founders of businesses and activists. The winners are awarded with a carbon neutral bamboo trophy, and to offset the carbon footprint from their awards activity, Marie Claire has also planted a mangrove tree for every guest who tuned in to watch the virtual awards ceremony held last month. Bags of Ethics also received a mention in a special editorial on the Marie Claire website (marieclaire.co.uk).

Read the coverage of Marie Claire UK Sustainability Award 2022 on Bags of Ethics’ website HERE

Learn more about the Marie Claire Sustainability Award HERE

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