Despite Pledges to Reduce Single-use Plastic Consumption, a New Report Shows Disturbing Results


As consumers, we are all aware of the emergency to reduce our single-use plastic consumption. Many countries have taken steps to stop the use of single-use plastic packaging and bags to tackle plastic pollution and the climate crisis.

However, the Plastic Waste Makers Index 2023 published by the Australian Minderoo Foundation has shown disturbing results.

Plastic production around the world has actually increased since 2019!

Why is this single use plastic production raise relevant to businesses and consumers?

Single-use plastics are everywhere – from packaging to cutlery. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers were encouraged towards single-use products for hygiene reasons.

However, current consumer trends show that customers are turning away from single-use plastics in general while governments – especially in Europe – are introducing new restrictions on single-plastic consumption.

However, businesses tend to rely on single-use plastics for packaging especially in the food and drink industry.

However many B2B companies use plastic pallet wrap and poly bags. In a recent survey McKinsey has found that consumer facing businesses have tended to pay more attention to sustainable packaging than B2B and industrial companies which are still using single-use plastic extensively.

Production feeds demand and only the pressure of public opinion will force the recalcitrant to consider sustainable alternatives to packaging.

How can we collectively stop the plastic production surge?

According to the United Nations, more than one-third of all plastic produced is used for packaging. It follows then that sustainable, reusable packaging is one of the most significant ways to reduce single-use plastic production.

Have you thought about introducing sustainable packaging into your business?

From branded drawstring bags to fabric envelopes and personalised totes bag, Supreme Creations is a leader in the sustainable packaging world. How can we help you today?

Since 2019, Plastic Production Around the World Has Increased

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