Client Showcase – ARCAT


As part of a new series, we want to showcase some of the wonderful projects that our Supreme Creations clients and community are a part of.

This week we bring you a feature on one of our clients from Supreme Creations France: French Charity ARCAT.

This 30-year-old association fights HIV through different points of action, including research, easing access to treatments, and supporting affected people – Supporting those affected also means supporting their loved ones, and working with those who care for them.

Their motto is Inform, train, and prevent – they believe that information allows everyone to be responsible.

It concerns those affected, those who support them, those who treat them, as well as all citizens and decision-makers. ARCAT offers publications, training and prevention actions


French labels and designers donate items of clothing to be sold at regular pop-up stores called ‘les Créateurs ont du Coeur’, translated literally as ‘designers have a heart’, where Supreme Creations’ bags are sold at the counter.

Designers include Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Isabel Marant and profits from the event help in financing the charity’s work.

The Bags

ARCAT works with Supreme to create their lightweight natural cotton XXL shopper bags, which are made to measure, with contrasting red stitching which is a lovely reference to the colour of HIV fight. We print the BoE logo on side 2 and offer them free screen print set up.

Charity and Sustainability

At Supreme/BOE, we love working with clients on projects that help make a difference. We create products for many charity events, as a way of raising funds to help with various aspects of social change.

As well as charity projects, we aim to give back ourselves by making all our products as sustainable as possible.

We believe it is our responsibility to help educate our clients on the need for sustainable and ethical manufacturing and work hard to ensure that we can help make a real difference to our planet through our work.

We also believe in supporting projects like these through promotion. Word needs to be spread about the amazing work that is going on across the world to help make a difference to both people and planet, which is why we want to support and empower our BOE family as much as we can.

If you are working on a charitable project that you need sustainable textile products or promotional materials for, get in touch, and we can work on not only developing your product, but spreading the word on your amazing work.

Client Showcase – ARCAT

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