Case Study: We Wear Boost-helping Woman Gain Confidence


Earlier this year, Supreme Creations worked with We Wear Boost breaking the taboo of losing a breast to cancer, We Wear Boost aim to raise awareness about breast cancer and promote female empowerment with an affordable and colourful external prosthesis.

The UK based brand revolves around their four main values:

  • Choice,
  • Self-expression and style
  • Breaking Taboo and Raising Awareness
  • Joy

We Wear Boost founded the company because they wanted to be the brighter, accessible, and inclusive solution to breast prothesis market.

We Wear Boost’s first product: Boost Feel Good Breast form was created because the only product that has been available for decades is the ‘chicken cutlet’ silicone breast prosthesis.

We Wear Boost’s mission was to create a reimagined breast form prosthesis that would deter away from beige, and in return would revolutionise and empower women to feel beautiful while wearing a breast form prosthesis.

Boost is working towards creating a fully customisable product that puts their wearers in control of the look and feel of their breast form. They are breathable and able to last twice as long compared to the silicone prosthesis’ currently on the market.

The Boost feel good breast forms are available in different sizes and colours to make wearing a foreign object in your bra an enjoyable experience.

The Bag :

We Wear Boost approached Supreme Creations because of our ethical values, so they asked us to create their Boost bag for their Boost breast form packaging.

We wanted to create a bag that was user friendly and lightweight, so we chose to create a canvas drawstring bag made from 5oz organic cotton with the We Wear Boost logo printed on the front with waterbased ink print. The drawstring bags are 25x30cm and the cords are made from white medium poly cords.

As for the design, We Wear Boost wanted the bag to be created so that it reduced fabric waste in printing and cutting. On our side at Supreme Creations, the head printer suggested waterbased inks on a natural base to bring out the vivid blue that is used as the branding colour. This is because it would improve the compostability of the product.

You can support We Wear Boost through their website and their Instagram page.

Case Study: We Wear Boost-helping Woman Gain Confidence

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