Tesco 5p levy news 2017

Move over plastic- Tesco to trial out removing ALL 5p plastic bags from stores in favour of reusable bags for life.

Tesco, the ninth-largest retailer in the world, recently announced that they will be trialling a 10 week plastic-free scheme in several stores in the UK . In Norwich, Aberdeen and Dundee, Tesco will stop providing plastic bags which are currently available at 5p each as part of the 5p bag levy introduced in October 2015. As an alternative shoppers can purchase a reusable bag for life or bring their own bag.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce the mass consumption of plastic bags. Plastic is becoming the new, synthetic algae of our oceans. Yet, instead of providing the requisite conditions for life to flourish, plastic, and plastic bags, are suffocating marine animals. Many sea creatures mistake plastic for food and die slowly from malnutrition. Worryingly, several environmentalists have predicted that by 2050, plastic will out number fish in our ocean. This move from Tesco will not eradicate plastic from our ocean, but these steps from ‘big business’ could hopefully set a precedent that will encourage companies to stand up and help out.

In the last year alone, since the introduction of the plastic bag charge, the number of 5p bags sold has fallen by 72 per cent in stores. Tesco currently offer several bags for life in store. These include reusable jute and canvas fabric bags with a number of designs and fabrics to choose from. Supreme Creations helped Tesco launch their iconic Ladybird jute bag, one that Tesco customers will have certainly seen. The scheme reduced the consumption of the Tesco plastic bags by 50% (2bn bags), and has been vital to their environmental agenda.

Tesco are not simply viewing this project only in terms of environmental protection. As a company, Tesco has a long-standing history of helping local communities. ‘Bags of help’, introduced after the 5p plastic bag charge arrived, is a UK scheme that looks to reinvest all revenue from plastic bag sales into local projects all over the country. So far, more than 3500 community groups have been awarded a grant with over £72 million invested.

To learn about about reusable bags visit supreme-creations.co.uk

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