Spots & Dots:

A spot repeat pattern is can give surprisingly varied prints when small changes are made. Small dots give a traditional and uniform appearance. Patterns like this are great for conventional and classic designs, or for printed inner linings. Use a half-drop repeat for a more directional print. Dense coloured spots on a white background give fabric a fresh look that is perfect for all purposes – from kitchen to cosmetics. You could also change the feel of this print by changing the drop and direction to be a more linear or directionless pattern. Switching to white spots on a coloured background changes will change your spot print again. Use big white spots for a fun and modern look, or half-drop smaller dots for a more conventional look. Why not mix different sized dots for a different effect?

Spots & Dots Spots & Dots Spots & Dots Spots & Dots


Like spots and dots, stripes can be used in different ways to produce a number of outcomes. Choose from hairline stripes, candy stripes, pinstripes, irregular strips and multiculoured stripes. The direction you design your strips will also change the overall look of the pattern. Vertical stripes are great for traditional and timeless designs. Horizontal stripes give a jovial and summery feel. Diagonal stripes give a fun, stylised and artistic feel.

Stripes Stripes Stripes Stripes


A chevron style print is essentially a striped zigzag patten. You can play around with the direction, colourways and line thicknesses to create a wide variety of prints. Uniform vertical 2 colour chevron stripes give a fanciful and dream-like appearance. Horizontal chevron stripes give a light fun and free feel. Chevrons are great if you project requires something a little looser than typical stripes. Play around with the angles of your chevrons and turn them from tight and expressive to loose and free.

Chevrons Chevrons Chevrons Chevrons

Animal Prints:

Animal prints are a fun and easy way to jazz up your printed totes. Choose from simple single-colour prints, or use multiple different tones to add depth to your prints - reverse the colourways and see what happens.

Animal Prints Animal Prints Animal Prints