Tote bags, the bag that combines fashion with function. We love them!

Sometimes we get them free with a purchase, sometime we choose a special one because of its shape or print. But we all have at least one.

It can be used in so many different ways and the right one can make a great statement too,:

  1. Take your tote to the grocery store to avoid using more plastic bags than you have to or pick up some delicious fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market.
    Consumers in the Netherlands altogether used some 3 billion plastic bags per annum. The bulk of these end up in the bin and in our oceans.
  2. Turn a tote bag into your beach bag. You won’t have to worry about it being stolen or stained with sunscreen.
  3. Use a tote in place of your gym bag.
  4. Got a small pet? Your tote bag can be used to transport your sweetheart from one place to another. Supreme Creation bags can carry between 10 to 14 kg.
  5. Carry your I Pad laptop in a tote bag from place to place for a less ‘business’ style.
  6. Tuck a folded tote in your suitcase. On the return trip you’ll have an instant carry on for souvenirs and airport magazines.
  7. Are you a teacher? A tote bag is the perfect way to take papers home at night for easy grading.
  8. Create a craft project for your kids with a tote and some fabric paint.
  9. Use them as Storage for your kids costumes, toys , sheet sets ect.
  10. Use it again and again! After all…that’s what totes are for!