London Business School Case Study x Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics


For the week of 19th March 2024 for 5 days, the executive students of the “Strategic Branding: From Behavioural Insights to Business Growth” class worked on Supreme Creations and Bags of Ethics as a case study for their projects. Dr. R. Sri Ram, Founder of the company and Smruti Sriram, his daughter and second generation of the business, presented as guest lecturers to the class of Executive students from over 15 countries about the business and brand journey. Students came from UAE, Germany, the USA, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and many more.

The week-long executive course was led by Professor Simona Botti, Head of Marketing, London Business School, and David Faro, Associate Professor of Marketing, a world-leader in behavioural science. Professor Botti is globally renowned for her academic work on brands including LVHM, Burberry, Coca Cola, BBC, and others.

Day 1. Dr Sri and Smruti presented the business to the class; from the founding principals on community, connection, and sustainability, to the scaling up of the business across different industries from food, retail, packaging, beauty, fashion and more. The “sealed supply chain” was a new concept for many students, and the unique vertical integration of the business was discussed in detail – a uniqueness to the business.

Day 2. Business managers from the London HQ office of Supreme Creations visited the Regent’s Park, London Business School campus, and answered questions to the various student groups as they started their case study work on the business challenge presented to them.

Day 4. A video conference was held between the students in London and Dr. Sri and Smruti in India, as they were at the Pondicherry, factory base. The students were able to ask further questions and give a few suggestions of the direction of their case study work over the video link.

Day 5. The students who were in groups then over 10 minutes, gave class-wide presentations on the “brand challenge”. The students shared insights into the direction of the two brands, their thoughts about the concept of a “sealed supply chain” and the unique proposition of the business.

Overall the entire case study project was extremely successful and was a brilliant exchange of ideas about sustainability, corporate values, compassion, and community-based branding.



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