Dr Sri Ram Speech at the 2023 Diwali Event

On 8th November 2023, the Bags of Ethics community of brands, stylists, journalists, designers, creators, entrepreneurs, retailers, academics, sustainability experts and members of our supply chain gathered to celebrate Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights.
Dr. R. Sri Ram, Founder of Bags of Ethics/ Supreme Creations and his wife, Mrs Rajni Sriram Co-Founder of The Wings of Hope, hosted the annual event at the Royal Automobile Club in London. In his opening speech, Dr. Sri told guests about the significance of Diwali – light, hope, peace, and friendship. “The sentiments of this festival could not be more appropriate than at this time. We wish for communities to unite, and come together and rejoice by eating together, lighting lamps together, and dancing together”. The Valaka, large brass lamps, that you see standing here are lit with candles to dispel darkness. In the famous Hindu text “The Ramayana”, Lord Rama was banished from his Kingdom for 14 years. When he was finally allowed to return, his route back was lit with candles and the skies were lit with fireworks.

Dr. R. Sri Ram told guests about the significance of Diwali - light, hope, peace, and friendship

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