Designs for Tote Bags


A tote bag’s design should be eye-catching and unique, but also be easy to pair with a variety of outfits. Black and white is a classic colourway for almost any textile product, which drew me to it. To make sure that the bag stands out amidst the black and white, geometric patterns are very interesting to bring a ‘pop’ that makes a tote bag different to others.

I have compiled a variety of patterns and designs that show what I would like to see on tote bags. Op Art is very interesting and would catch people’s eyes without being too ‘loud’. The intricately gliding lines are what makes the image stand out and the 3D effect could appeal to many because of its individuality. Although the pattern is rather loud, the muted colours of black and white ensure that it isn’t obnoxiously ‘in your face’. A monotone colourway makes it simple to pair with outfits as black and white are the main base to any outfit.

As you can see, there are brands which I have included. Adidas is a consumer favourite. The iconic three stripes is recognisable anywhere and could garner a lot of attention. If Supreme Creations was to work with them to produce a bag that highlights those three stripes, we would gain lots of recognition and increase revenue.

Additionally, two other brands included are ‘Supreme’ and ‘Comme des Garçons’. These are ‘hyped’ brands. ‘Hypebeast’ could be classified as a sub-culture within fashion, in which consumers are attracted to particular brands that sell products that are rare and very expensive. Being a ‘hypebeast’ is often a symbol of status, which is why there are so many people who want to be one. Hypebeasts are usually aged around 15-25. Supreme is a major ‘hypebeast’ brand that is known for its extensive collaborations with ‘The North Face’, ‘Louis Vuitton’ and other brands. Collaborating with Supreme or Comme des Garcons could be a major advantage in terms of earning revenue, mainly because it has such a large demographic. In addition,Comme des Garcons in a Japanese brand, so Supreme Creations would gain exposure not only in the UK and the US, but also in Japan which is a major leader in fashion. Hypebeast brands focus on making an item extremely wanted but extremely rare. Resale prices can go for thousands, so collaborating with hypebeast brands could be also incredibly costly, but there is no doubt that recognition would be gained.

Other hypebeast brands include:
A Bathing Ape (BAPE)


At the moment, black and white outfits with a pop of a primary colour e.g red, featuring stripes are really popular. As shown in the image beside. Simple colours yet geometric lines and shapes are fitting for a trending outfit.

I think that collaborations with music artists could be very popular. In my collage, G-Dragon’s merchandise tote bag is shown ‘PEACEMINUSONE’. G-Dragon is a Korean music artist, part of the international group Big Bang. K-pop is a genre of music that has a huge share of the music industry in Asia. Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand all take a great interest into k-pop and Korean culture. Working with some k-pop artists could create huge trends in Asia for the tote bag. Hypebeasts are often wearing brands that influencers like G-dragon wear.

Although collaborating with such brands and artists sounds exciting, I must question why such huge brands would want to work with Supreme Creations if they already have such a large following. The Supreme Creations logo could be ‘unwanted’ on such a big label brand. They would probably charge a lot to work with. However, bringing about sustainability into the fashion industry could be a major development through collaborations of these brands. As there is lots of exposure, more people will become exposed to the idea of sustainable fashion.

Even working with an optical illusion artist such as Leandro Erlich, who is known for his conceptual sculptures could become popular.

Designs for Tote Bags

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