CASE STUDY: Non di Solo Pane – food charity shopping bag project

We helped Non di Solo Pane, an Italian food bank, in their charitable effort.

Case Study: Non di Solo Pane

Non di Solo Pane is an Italian charity who use extra food or waste donated from the public into dishes.

Their mission is to help abolish poverty, hardships, and fragility and most importantly, waste.

They help people regain their strength and to find a solution to life’s difficulties. They take donated food or waste and create delicious dishes to feed those in need.

This in return, reduces waste and contributes to those in need. Currently, Non di Solo Pane doesn’t only cook food, their outpatient clinic helps those who need medical and general health advice.

We are also working with other associations in the area to create a partnership to provide answers to other problems faced by poor people: work, housing, education, etc.

The product :

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, Non di Solo Pane wanted to create a shopping bag to give to supporters and to raise money for future endeavors at the charity.

Since the global pandemic began in 2020, their usual dinner meals turned into takeaway services and when guests would come to pick up their food, they would take home shopping bags.

For this reason, the shopping bag became a symbol for the organisation.

As for the bag’s design, they opted for a cotton bag with a natural colour.

The bag would also include a lining that adds colour and a touch of elegance.

Non di Solo Pane wanted the bag to be as sustainable and planet friendly as possible.

This is where Supreme Creations stepped in.

The bag can be reused as many times as its customers wished and the production process is sustainable too which fit Non di Solo Pane’s criteria very well.

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