Cannes Lions tote bags are all the rage at the global festival for the creative industry in the South of France

The largest global event for the creative communications industry has committed to a reusable bag agenda.

Cannes Lions

Pick up a Bags of Ethics reusable tote bag manufactured by the beautiful women at the Supreme Creations factory in Pondicherry. We have been producing the totes for Cannes for over 5 years and each year the design gets brighter and more colourful.

We produced these printed canvas bags using cotton farmed by a community of accredited farmers who conserve water through their farming practices; we printed the designs using non-toxic inks, waterbased/ vegetable-based inks; we transported the delivery via sea freight (24 times more carbon efficient than air freight).

Cannes Lions is the largest global event for the creative communications industry and through its latest sustainability partnership with Deloitte Digital has committed to the #reusable and #nosingleuseplastic agenda.
The product is a landscape shaped canvas tote bag with a base gusset and long handles. The material is the medium weight canvas, and it was custom printed edge-to-edge with the iconic Bags of EthicsTM label stitched outside to show that it was made in a responsible way for both people and planet.

If you are at the festival to tag us on Instagram and send us your videos using them!

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