BBC News : The rise of father and daughter businesses

Successful chief executive Smruti Sriram has one strict rule at work - she never addresses her chairman and Founder of Supreme Creations, Dr Sri Ram, as "daddy", "dad", or "father".

BBC News article about father, daughter business relationships. Outlining how Smruti’s professional relationship began, the effect her introduction into the company has had on how the business runs and how they manage to keep their business relationship professional, while still maintaining a loving father, daughter relationship outside of the office.

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Geopolitical conflicts and their impact on trade

Trade disruptions wreak havoc on shipping's decarbonisation goals. With maritime routes under pressure from climate impact and geopolitical conflicts, costs soar, and carbon footprints expand. As companies navigate these challenges, finding sustainable solutions becomes paramount. Dr Sri Ram and Smruti Sriram share their experience on shipping goods from India to Europe.


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