Bags Of Ethics And Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

We have been honoured and delighted to support the sustainability campaign for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen’s Green Canopy was launched by The Queen and The Prince Wales last year, and the campaign focuses on tree planting, regenerating of urban areas, and training forestry skills to future generations.

To date over 1 million trees have been planted and thousands of young foresters have been trained to plant trees.

From left to right: Christopher Raeburn – Creative Director Raeburn Studio – Dr Sri Ram – Chairman and Founder of Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics – Geraint Richards – Head Forester, Prince Charles/ Duchy of Cornwall – Zara Martin – Model and influencer – Smruti Sriram – CEO at Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics

“It’s been an honour to support our friends at the Queen’s Green Canopy throughout the campaign so far. I remember when we won an award from Prince Charles many years ago and we were gifted an oak sapling. That sapling is now many metres tall and growing beautifully in my back garden.

At Supreme we are passionate about protecting nature and our work is only just getting started to helping plant more trees across the world.”

Dr Sri Ram – Chairman and Founder of Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics

Creating and manufacturing the official merchandise

We created the official merchandise – a 12 pieces nature-inspired collection to get more people in touch with protecting nature – from sustainably farmed cotton picnic blankets, to reusable bottles, garden tool belts, and knee cushions.

These are currently being retailed at John Lewis, Waitrose, Harrods, and the Royal Collection Trust shops at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and other Palaces.

Creating and producing the campaign T-shirts and hoodies

We provided free of cost hoodies and t- shirts for all the volunteers who have been planting trees across the country.

HRM Prince of Wales with Young Queen's Green Canopy Volunteers

Supporting live webinars around tree planting

Supporting live webinars around tree planting – bringing experts to wider audiences around the cause – like retired Head of the Arboretum at Kew Gardens – Tony Kirkham MBE VMH

Tony Kirkham MBE VMH

Raising awareness at high profile tree planting events

We help raise awareness at high profile tree planting events including the Editor of British Vogue, COP 26 President Alok Sharma, CEO of British Fashion Council, celebrities, and influencers. Pictured here Edward Enninful Editor of British Vogue, COP 26 President Rt Hon Alok Sharma, and Dr Sri Ram, Founder of Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics

Supporting events like the Illumination of the “Tree of Trees”, the Principal Beacon

Supporting events like the Illumination of the Principal Beacon – The Tree of Trees – in which 350 saplings from Barcham Nurseries were in steel pots to create a tree sculpture outside Buckingham Palace. We were also lucky to witness Buckingham Palace transformed into moving images of our beautiful planet – from under sea to the gardens of Babylon during the Planet segment led by Sir David Attenborough and Prince William at the BBC Platinum Party at the Palace.

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