1. April 05, 2022

    A System that Gives Back to the Earth: Water Management at Supreme Creations

    It is no secret that historically the textile industry has made some missteps when it comes to sustainability. At Supreme, we want to change this narrative, we want to be the leaders in an industry that supports the environments we work in and…
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  2. January 21, 2022

    2021: a year in manufacturing sustainable bags, make-up bags and packaging

    2021 was a year of innovative and original projects as Supreme Creations teamed up with great companies with big visions to bring their concepts to life. Sustainability has been a hot topic since 2020 and the start of a pandemic that…
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  3. January 19, 2022

    5 vegan silk alternatives for cruelty-free luxury

    Silk is a luxurious fabric that is known for its soft handle and sheer finish. However, it is often criticised by vegans and animal rights activists because of its origins. Silk is generally produced by boiling the cocoons of the…
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  4. July 30, 2021

    Why choose jute as an alternative for your shopping bags?

    Eco-friendly fabrics you should be using for your branded bags Personalised jute bags are the perfect representative to show you care about sustainability and plastic free packaging. We’ve done our research and want to share how you…
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  5. July 12, 2021

    Plastic free packaging ideas for your business

    Plastic free packaging ideas for your business: This plastic free July, the team want to showcase some the best projects that we’ve worked on this year which prove that we are consciously thinking about making the planet a better…
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  6. June 08, 2021

    Inks And Dyes Used In The Textile Industry: Why Choosing Water Based Inks And Dyes Is A Necessity

    Inks And Dyes In The Textile Industry: The Real Impact On Environement Colour is a catalyst in sales success within the fashion industry. The first thing consumers notice about a piece of clothing before the fabric or size is the colour…
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  7. May 11, 2021


    You want to create a personalized bag for a promotional campaign or giveaway…
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  8. May 05, 2021

    CASE STUDY: Non di Solo Pane - food charity shopping bag project

    Case Study: Non di Solo Pane Non di Solo Pane is an Italian charity who use extra food or waste donated from the public into dishes.
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  9. April 20, 2021

    Recycling versus Compostable in the textile industry: Know your basics

    As fashion trends are changing so rapidly, people are buying more quickly and frequently. fashion has become the downfall of clothing mass-production around the world leading to millions of clothes thrown away yearly. The textile industry…
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  10. March 31, 2021

    CASE STUDY: We Wear Boost-helping woman gain confidence

    We Wear Boost : Earlier this year, Supreme Creations worked with We Wear Boost breaking the taboo of losing a breast to cancer,
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