Wholesale Drawstring Bags

wholesale drawstring bags

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custom drawstring bags

Cotton Drawstring Bag (50x75cm)

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drawstring bags wholesale

Velvet Drawstring Bag (30x45cm)

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promotional drawstring bags

Raw Silk Drawstring Bag (15x20cm)

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Cotton Drawstring Bag (40x50cm)

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Wholesale Drawstring Bags

wholesale drawstring bags

Design Aspects

These wholesale drawstring bags are available in a wide range of fabrics and styles, making them perfect for any purpose. Fabric drawstring bags are ideal for retail, educational, travel, sport, and promotional purposes. Useful and lightweight, they are an excellent packaging solution could reuse over 5,000 times. We have mastered a broad range of printing techniques and offer plain dyed, full-bleed printing and placement printing options. We can print your artwork, logo or message in up to seven colours and can be print with a wide range of flock, foil, and metallic styles. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, style and select your handles from cord, ribbon, rope or webbing from our customisable options. We design your perfect wholesale drawstring bag and custom print your design using a variety of eco-friendly dyes, inks, and print pastes.

Multiple Applications

Our wholesale drawstring bags are very versatile forms of packaging that are a great alternative if you are after something a slightly different from a conventional tote shopping bag. These bags close at the top, and so it can be easily carried as a backpack, school bag, gift bag or travel bag. Personalise them by printing your designs on either one or both sides, or by adding customised labels and handles.

Retail Bags

Cotton drawstring bags are a brilliant alternative to single-use plastic bags for your shop or market. We customise bags to your brand’s aesthetic and will continue to advertise for your brand long after the initial point of sale. Provide your customers with a useful and eco-friendly tool when they buy your products, instead of yet another plastic bag that will end up in the world’s landfills or oceans. Large drawstring bags are great for displaying footwear, fashion or technology items, and our small drawstring bags are perfect for holding cosmetics, food products or jewellery.

School Bags

Print your school, college or universities logo, motto or anniversary on one of our drawstring bags. Our large fabric drawstring bags wholesale are ideal for school bags – they are convenient, reliable and reused over 5,000 times. Why not order wholesale and kit out your whole school or university. They are also brilliant for promotions and will hold all the paperwork and flyers and merchandise from freshers’ fairs.

Sports Bags

Our drawstring bags meant for sports and eco-friendly. They close at the top and make sure all your sports and exercise equipment held safely. Hundreds of thousands of people use the gym, and so your drawstring bags will be seen on a daily basis in some places, working as a constant advertising campaign. Large drawstring bags are the perfect size for gym kits, training shoes, and water bottles. Medium sized drawstring bags are ideal for carrying essentials on a hike or run. And smaller drawstring bags are the perfect choice for carrying wallets or phones while exercising. Our natural fabric drawstring bags are machine washable, and this makes them great for using as sports bags.

Gift Bags

Present your gifts in a memorable piece of reusable packaging. Our fabric drawstring bags are fully customisable and can be manufactured to compliment any gift or giveaway. Try a cotton drawstring bag quality products with a PVC cutout window for an exciting and glamorous gift. Or try our sheer silk fabrics for your extra special presents. Custom-print your wishes, designs or photographs on your printed drawstring bags and give your recipients a rememberable bags that they can reuse it again and again.


Drawstring bags (drawstring backpack) are ideal for taking travelling – whether it is on a short business trip, a family beach holiday or a fun weekend away with friends. Our large bags are spacious and durable and will comfortably hold all your travelling essentials. Our small drawstring bags the best option for carrying travel toiletries or for using as your carry-on bag. Print your design on both sides and make sure your bag design reach overseas. These bags neatly fold up when empty and so can be taken to the beach or supermarket on holiday.

Conscious Consumption

The so-called “Blue Planet effect” has revolutionised the habits of many producers and consumers. Shoppers are now asking questions about the origin and manufacturing methods that go into their products, and so there has never been the better time to produce a range of reusable shopping bags. Our Bags of EthicsTM label means that you can guarantee your promotional material made in an ethical way that cares for the environment and those involved in the production process. Harness the growing ethical market, advertise your brands long after the point of sale, and do your bit for the planet.

Environmental Impacts

The well-reported plastic pollution problem is the perfect reason to stop producing single-use plastic products. Globally, we consume an estimated 160,000 single-use plastic bags per second. Plastic bags are derived from non-renewable oil and linger in the world’s landfills and oceans for many, many years. Plastic-fibres made in a laboratory, and although they may be strong, their strength causes them to have difficulties breaking down and they release harmful gasses that contribute to global warming as they try (and fail) to degrade. We don’t do disposable - single-use plastic carrier bags have an average lifespan of just 12 minutes before they are thrown away, whereas our fabric drawstring bags can be re-used over 5,000 times and support the reduction of single-use plastic bag production. Work with us to create your eco-friendly, reusable drawstring bags. Our natural fabrics are durable and biodegradable. They are grown – not made – and designed from renewable fibres such as cotton, or jute. At Supreme Creations/Bags of EthicsTM we are regularly trying to reduce our environmental impact and have collaborated with many sustainability organisations. Our non-toxic dyes, inks and print pastes are reached compliant, meaning that they inflict minimal ecological harm. We love organic fabrics because they are beneficial for farmers, producers, and the local environment. We offer GOTS certified organic cotton options, so your cotton drawstring bag will be even more ethical.

Social Impacts

Environmental sustainability is paramount for us, and so its social sustainability. We firmly believe in humans and do all we can to ensure the wellbeing and welfare of our members of staff. We set up our factory in Pondicherry to guarantee supply chain transparency and have full control of the manufacturing process. 90% of our Indian workforce is female, and a vast majority of these ladies are the primary breadwinners for their families. We are Fairtrade certified, but also enforce our strict codes for fair wages and occupational safety. We offer Fairtrade cotton options for our tote bags, drawstring bags, aprons, and tea towels so that you can have provided your customers with a product that benefits the planet and the people who produced the fabric. Our happy staff love what they do and enjoy working with us. Read this testimonial from one of our bag stitchers. “I’ve been working at Supreme Creations/ Bags of EthicsTM for 12 years, and I love what I do – it’s like a family atmosphere here. If I have any troubles at home, I can talk about them to the team here, and they are just like sisters. I feel that coming to work gives me a lot of energy and pride.”

Bespoke Brand Matching

We love collaborating with you on your promotional projects. Our bespoke brand matching service allows us to have unparalleled flexibility. By owning our factory facilities, we have total creative control of the manufacturing process which means that we can customise your drawstring bags and create any special requests you may have. Need a unique shape, size or colour? We will make it. We can also make customised labels and printed handles to match your brand. Why not add a pocket or zip, or even create an interesting reversible bag that will be sure to impress your customers. Did you know our bags found on average 10,000 times in big cities? Don’t miss out on this opportunity - print your brand’s logo or artwork with our many printing techniques. We offer placement printing, full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing or plain dyed. We can print designs in up to 7 different colours, and add stylish foil, flock or metallic layers to bring your projects to life accurately.

Customer Satisfaction

We have a long, varied and global list of happy returning customers of all shapes and sizes. Our relatively small minimum order quantity appeals many including small schools, personal projects, artists and independent businesses. We also work with high-end fashion brands, multinational organisations, and large exhibitions or events.

Wholesale Drawstring Bags

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Carbon Offset

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Worldwide Delivery

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Always Reusable

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Female Empowerment

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Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.

Supreme creations - Topshop
Supreme creations - Nike
Supreme creations - Innocent
Supreme creations - Tesco
Supreme creations - L'oreal paris
Supreme creations - London fashion week
Supreme creations - Google
Supreme creations - University of oxford
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Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.

Supreme creations - business is great britain
Supreme creations - sedex
Supreme creations - Organic (GOTS) logo
Supreme creations - the prince's charities
Supreme creations - fairtrade foundation
Supreme creations - awards 2009
Supreme creations - bpma company of the year
Supreme creations - G finalist