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Women’s Tote Bags

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Women’s tote bags – design aspects

Strong and capacious, these tote shopping bags are the perfect addition to any event or occasion. Our range of tote shopping bags is available in any shape, size or colour and will not fail to impress your guests. Need a special shape? Need an unusual size? Need a specific colour? You name it - we make it. We can customise the length or material of your handles, add printed inner linings or zipped pockets, or add windows or mesh or PVC. We can also make personalised labels, printed handles, detachable matching purses. These totes are the perfect promotional material for any event. Our reusable shopping tote bags can be reused over 5,000 times and will carry up to 15kg.

Women’s tote bags – multiple uses

Make sure your brand’s mission or message is displayed and viewed as often as possible. High quality fabric shopping bags have thousands of possible applications and by choosing our reusable tote bags as your promotional material, your product will be noticed regularly and in a wide range of places. Hundreds of thousands of people could potentially use your convenient and easy to carry tote bags, and this will be a constant advertising campaign for your brand long after the point of sale. These eco-friendly tote bags are also available at attractive wholesale prices. Our ecofriendly and easy to carry tote bags are available at attractive wholesale prices, so you can supply multiple stores with our wonderful reusable tote bags.

Women’s tote bags – retail bags

Single-use plastic carrier bags are rapidly becoming public enemy number one. In light of the so-called ‘Blue Planet effect’, more and more people are avoiding plastic bags by bringing their own reusable shopping bags. Make sure your brand is eco-friendly, on trend and plastic-free by producing a range of reusable tote shopping bags. Large tote bags are brilliant for carrying large-sized commodities such as garments, shoeboxes, and homewares. Why not print your design full-bleed on both sides of the bag to maximise advertising potential? Medium sized bags are ideal for showcasing all sorts of products – from food/drink items, to bottles to technology items to accessories. We can reinforce handles or add straps to provide your customers with a useful reusable product. Small tote bags are the perfect packaging for jewellery, cosmetics and makeup. We can make your tote bag in any fabric and offer a wide range of natural and luxurious fabrics such as velvet, brushed cotton and silk.

Women’s tote bags – fashion bags

Tote bags are currently a popular fashion accessory and line the shelves of many high street shops. Make your bags as beautiful as possible and customise to your brand’s aesthetics. Add interesting multi panels or different fabrics, or a see-through window of mesh or PVC. Print your brand’s logo on the handles, or the lining or add a zipped pocket for extra security. Why not create a bag from black velvet? We can even make detachable purses to match your brand. Tote bags are the perfect fashion accessory for men and women and many people use their tote bags as handbags. Print your branding, logos, photos or artwork on one or both sides of your black tote bag and advertise your brand effortlessly in a wide range of places.

Women’s tote bags – gift bags

These gift bags are ideal for presents and giveaways of all kinds. Use glamorous, transparent PVC, strong and natural cotton canvas or luxurious silk and deliver your gift in style. We produce these personalised gift bags for a variety purposes – from showcasing high-end wedding gifts to displaying new cosmetic products. We will provide large and ornate gift bags for footwear, accessories, books or garments, as well as small and chic bags for jewellery and makeup.

Women’s tote bags - conscious consumption

2018 was the year that everybody woke up to the impacts we are having on the natural world. This year will see more and more consumers questioning their own habits, as well as the production methods of the things that they buy. Single-use plastic has become public enemy number one, and more people than ever are trying to avoid producing and buying it. There have been numerous changes in policy that have led to higher numbers of shoppers taking their own reusable bags to the supermarket. By working with us, you can create high quality, reusable packaging that will continue to advertise your brand or mission long after the point of sale.

Women’s tote bags – environmental impact

Our Supreme Creations/Bags of EthicsTM is to create unique and beautiful packing solutions whilst causing minimal harm to the environment. We are always striving to learn more about our impact and over the years have collaborated with some key players in sustainability. Unlike single-use plastic, our natural fabrics are grown in fields – not made in a lab from non-renewable oil – and will degrade instead of staying in landfill for centuries. Jute requires small quantities of water to grow and is one of our most eco-friendly fabric options. Our factory uses REACH certified eco-friendly dyes, ink and print pastes and we also offer GOTS certified organic cotton options to further minimise your environmental impact.

Women’s tote bags – social impacts

We care as deeply for human welfare as we do for the environment. We have owned our own factory in south India for over 20 years. Owning our own production facilities is very important to us because doing so guarantees transparency in our supply chain. We adhere to our own strict codes of ethics surrounding fair wages and occupational safety, as well as those set out by Fairtrade. Our efforts in our factory have been recognised by Fairtrade, and we engage in regular audits to ensure that we are doing everything we can to support our valuable staff members. We can also source Fairtrade certified cotton for our aprons, totes and tea towels. 9/10 of our work force in India is female, and most of these ladies are the main breadwinners for their households. Our staff love working with us and our worker turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry. Read this testimonial from one of our bag stitchers. “I’ve been working at Supreme Creations/ Bags of Ethics for 12 years and I love what I do – it’s like a family atmosphere here. If I have any troubles at home I can talk about them to the team here and they are just like sisters. I feel that coming to work gives me a lot of energy, and pride.”

Women’s tote bags – bespoke brand matching

We love working with you on your promotional projects. Our motto is don’t be boring, and what we mean by this is that it is impossible to be boring with our unparalleled range of customisable options. We can manufacture anything you desire – panels of contrasting fabric, customised labels and handles, zipped inner pockets and printed linings. The fact that we own our factory means that we have attractive minimum order quantities, but can also produce bags for large multinational events. Don’t miss out on this opportunity - print your brand’s logo or artwork with our many printing techniques. We offer placement printing, full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing or plain dyed. We can print designs in up to 7 different colours, and add stylish foil, flock or metallic layers to really bring your projects to life.

Women’s tote bags – customer satisfaction

We have a long, varied and global list of satisfied clients from a wide range of industries. In fact, over the years we have supplied over 50,000 clients from over 50 industries with personalised promotional material. . Our relatively small minimum order quantity appeals many including small schools, personal projects, artists and independent businesses. We also work with high-end fashion brands, multinational organisations, and large exhibitions or events. Read some testimonials from our happy customers below:

“A very efficient and responsive customer service, we are also very happy with our collaboration on the occasion of the world of optics in Paris between hakino eyewear and bags of ethics for sharing common values and the quality of tote bags.”
Arno Balduc

I've used Supreme Creations since 2014.
They've always delivered on leading brands I've worked for and accommodated the bespoke projects, tight turnaround times, last minute design changes and finer details of all bags I've had made with them.
I've always said a tote bag should go beyond it's initial purpose of advertising, it should be the accessory to someones lifestyle.
That's what Supreme do and I would highly them recommend to anyone.
Leo Gubbins

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Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.


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