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Tote Shopping Bags

tote shopping bags

Design aspects

Tote shopping bags are one of the most convenient promotional products possible, and we can manufacture your projects to your desired requirements. We offer a limitless range of customisable options and can make any shape, size, colour or style that you require. Unlike single-use plastic carrier bags, our tote shopping bags are designed to last and can be reused over 5,000 times. We stock a broad range of fabrics, dyes and inks. We have spent over 20 years mastering a wide variety of printing styles and techniques – including but not limited to screen printing, transfer printing, digital printing, CMYK process printing and metallic printing. We also offer placement printing of full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing and work with you to find the best option for your projects.

Multiple uses

Tote bags are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic carrier bags and can directly reduce plastic pollution. Totes are the best canvas bags for all sorts of promotional projects, and can be reused over 5,000 times. Whether you need bags for a small school fundraiser or open day, or a large and multinational event, we will print your designs on reusable tote bags that will be useful long after the event or sale.

School bags

Tote bags are the perfect shape for holding all school essentials such as laptops, textbooks and lunchboxes. If you have an upcoming fresher’s fair, open day or fundraising event, get your quote now and kit out your whole school with personalised reusable bags. Print your school mascot, logo, message or anniversary on one or both sides using our vast range of printing options.

Technology bags

Tote bags are strong and capacious which makes them perfect for safely carrying technology items such as laptops, tablets and chargers. We can add gussets and reinforced handles to give your bags extra strength. Landscape or portrait, we will print any logo, artwork or design and can customise any aspect of your bag. Add adjustable handles, a custom label or an inside pocket to store headphones or cables. Print a layer of cool silver foil or metallic paste to give your bag a futuristic look.

Retail bags

Gone are the days when single-use plastic carrier bags were acceptable. In recent light of the well-reported environmental issues with plastic bags, many people are steering towards a more ecofriendly option. These bags are manufactured from natural fabrics and can be reused over 5,000 times. Give your customers a bag that aligns with your brand’s mission instead of one that will linger in the world’s oceans and landfills as non-biodegradable waste. Large tote shopping bags are ideal for carrying homewares, shoeboxes, coats and other apparel items. Medium sized tote shopping bags are brilliant for food and drink items such as bottles and boxes. They are also great for books, technology items and accessories. Small tote shopping bags are ideal for smaller items such as jewellery, cosmetics and makeup. Why not add a layer of velvet, silk or mesh and really stand out from the crowd?

Tradeshows, events and exhibitions

Our Tote bags are the perfect ecofriendly alternative to plastic promotional material and can be reused over 5,000 times, so will work as a useful memento long after the event or show is over. We can make your promotional projects out of any fabric you desire – jute, silk, cotton, canvas or velvet are perfect materials for events and tradeshows. Print the event’s logo, mission, message or a featuring artist’s work on one or both sides. Bring any design to life with layers of flock, foil, puff binder or metallic paste.

Gift bags and giveaways

Give any gift an extra personal touch with a bespoke tote that will continue to be useful long after the gift is received. Our tote shopping bags are brilliant for any occasion – weddings, birthdays Christmas parties or giveaways. These reusable totes can be personalised with anything you require – digitally printed photographs, multi-coloured screen prints, luxurious layers of silver or gold foil, or textured puff binder. Our tote bags are the gift that keeps on giving, and an ecofriendly and reusable alternative to plastic-coated single-use giftwrapping paper. Make your party bags extra special by ordering personalised tote bags instead of plastic party bags.

Conscious consumption

In the wake of the so-called ‘war on plastic’, more people are thinking about what they are buying and how it was made. The era of meaningless and disposable giveaways is definitely over. Provide your customers with a practical and memorable piece of promotional material that they will actually use, instead of throwing away a few days later. Everything we produce at our factory has been manufactured under the Bags of EthicsTM label, and so you can pride yourself on collaborating with a company that invests its time in working with the most eco-friendly materials and processes out there.

Environmental impact

We produce these tote bags in bulk and our wholesale shopping bags are made using natural fabrics that are derived from renewable fibres such as cotton. Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton is grown - not made in a laboratory – and because of this, cotton fabric will degrade after the end of its use instead of lingering in landfill for years to come. Our eco-friendly dyes, inks and print pastes are all REACH compliant and therefore do not inflict unnecessary harm to the environment.

Social impact

One thing that sets us apart from other manufacturers is the fact that we own our own factory in Pondicherry in south India. Owning our own factory means that we can guarantee transparency in our supply chain and by adhering to our own strict regulations for fair wages and occupational safety. Our efforts are also recognised by Fairtrade, and our whole factory is Fairtrade compliant. We also offer Fairtrade cotton options for our totes, aprons and tea towels. Fair trade has emerged as an alternative trading system that aims to combat worker exploitation and environmental degradation. By choosing Fairtrade products you are displaying solidarity with the environment and those involved in production. 9/10 of our Indian workforce are women and the majority of these ladies are the main breadwinners for their families.

Bespoke brand matching

By owning our factory, we have complete creative control of the supply chain and can produce to your exact specifications. Whether you require a customised label, embroidery work or an unusual shape, we will create it for you. We love working on your projects, large or small! We print your ideas on our ethically-sourced shopper bags and will send you a full-sized sample direct from our factory to make sure you are happy before we proceed production.

Client satisfaction

We love hearing our customers’ feedback. We have a long history with many of our clients and really enjoy working with them on any new projects they have. Our broad client base ranges from small independent companies, shops and universities to luxury fashion and beauty brands and multinational promotional events. Our valued customers have rated us 4.6/5 stars on Google reviews, read some of their testimonials below:

“A very efficient and responsive customer service, we are also very happy with our collaboration on the occasion of the world of optics in Paris between hakino eyewear and bags of ethics for sharing common values and the quality of tote bags.”
Arno Balduc

I've used Supreme Creations since 2014.
They've always delivered on leading brands I've worked for and accommodated the bespoke projects, tight turnaround times, last minute design changes and finer details of all bags I've had made with them.
I've always said a tote bag should go beyond it's initial purpose of advertising, it should be the accessory to someones lifestyle.
That's what Supreme do and I would highly them recommend to anyone.
Leo Gubbins

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Carbon Offset

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Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.


Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.