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Small cotton tote bag with short handle

Small cotton tote bag with short handle 28(w)x33(h)

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Small cotton bags with gusset and long handles

Small cotton bags with gusset and long handles 28(w)x33(h)

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Cotton landscape Beach shoulder bag

Cotton landscape Beach shoulder bag with Gusset and Long handles 48(W) x 38(H)

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Cotton eco bag with long handles

Cotton eco bag with long handles

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Why work with us?

Eco friendly inks & dyes
R.E.A.C.H Compliant

Our factory only uses certified inks and dyes

Carbon Offset
Carbon Offset

We plant a tree for every 1,000 units we make

Worldwide Delivery
Worldwide Delivery

By air or by sea, we’ll deliver to you

Trusted Supplier
Happy Customers

Rated on Google by our varied and global client list

Always Reusable
Always Reusable

We don’t do disposable, and support single-use reduction

Female Empowerment
Female Empowerment

9/10 of our team in India is female


Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.


Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.

Make your brand stand out with our bespoke tote bags

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Our tote bags are the perfect promotional product for every kind of business; from fashion designers and high street retailers to schools, universities and local councils.

Design aspects

Our ecofriendly cotton tote bags are versatile and spacious, making them the perfect packaging solution for any kind of promotional project. We manufacture to your desired requirements and can produce and shape, size, colour or style. For over 20 years, we have been mastering our broad range of printing techniques and offer an incredible variety of options including but not limited to screen-printing, digital printing, transfer printing, CMYK and plastisol. Our high quality cotton tote bags have affinity with all dyes and are machine washable so your prints will stay fresh forever. By owning our factory, we have total creative control and can customise any aspect of your bags. Choose printed handles, personalised labels, printed gussets, see-through windows of mesh or PVC or zipped pockets, just to name a few.

Multiple uses

Tote bags are without doubt one of the most useful promotional products and can be used in a limitless number of settings. School bags, technology bags, shopping bags, fashion bags, shoulder bags, grocery bags or gift bags, these totes will not fail to impress. Provide your visitors, guests, colleagues or customers with an unforgettable piece of packaging that can be reused over 5,000 times and can hold up to 15kg.

Gift bags

Conventional giftwrap is generally coated in a layer of plastic that will linger in landfill as non-biodegradable waste. Instead of contributing to this problem, display your gifts in an unforgettable piece of reusable cotton packaging that will degrade back to nature once it is thrown away. Print your photos, messages, anniversary dates or artwork on high quality cotton tote bags as the gift that keeps on giving. Large tote bags are ideal for wedding gifts, footwear, apparel or homewares and can be reused as sports or grocery bags. Medium shopping bags are the perfect piece of packaging for gifts such as technology items, books, accessories, or bottles. Add reinforced gussets or handles to strengthen your bag and maximise its reusability. Our small cotton tote bags are perfect for cosmetics, perfume, jewellery or greetings cards.

Sports bags

Cotton is lightweight, machine washable and quick drying – these properties make it the perfect material for sports bags. Carry your exercise gear in style with our reusable printed tote bags that hold up to 15kg and will easily hold your towels, trainers and workout clothes. Why not kit out your health club, gym or sports team with customised reusable tote bags to minimise your environmental footprint? Print your logo, mascot, motto or mission on one or both sides to advertise your club on the go. Placement prints work excellently with logos or team badges and we can print in up to seven Pantone-matched colours. Large tote bags are ideal for full gym kits, and small tote bags are perfect for keeping all your personal items such as keys, wallets and phones in one place while your work out.

Retail bags

Single-use plastic carrier bags are so last year, more people than ever are bringing their own reusable shopping bags to stores. Why not provide your customers with a printed, reusable tote shopping bag that aligns with your brand instead of contributing to plastic pollution? You will be giving your customers a beautiful and useful gift, and your brand with an effortless form of portable advertising that will potentially be seen by thousands of people. We match to your brand and will print your logo, artwork or mission on one or both sides of your tote bags in our range of printing techniques.

School bags

Our strong cotton totes have a large capacity and this makes them perfect for using as school bags. These tote shopping bags will hold up to 15kg and so will safely carry laptops, textbooks, lunchboxes and stationary with ease. Print your school mascot, college motto or university logo on a range of tote bags that will work to minimise the environmental footprint of your establishment. Our attractive wholesale prices mean that ordering in bulk is cost-effective and easy. There has never been a better time to kit out your whole school, fresher’s fair or open day with ecofriendly reusable tote bags.

Events, tradeshows and exhibitions

Promote your event in style, help the environment and provide your guests with a fabulous reusable gift. Our tote bags can be fully customised and we match to your brand. Print a featuring artist’s work, print event information, or even a photograph on your range of totes. Cotton totes are a great alternative to single-use plastic carrier bags and will advertise your company long after the event, tradeshow or exhibition is over as well as serving as a useful memento for visitors.

Travel bag

Our cotton tote bags are perfect for taking on trips – whether you are going on a long beach holiday, a working business trip or a weekend city break with friends. Tote bags are brilliant for using as carryon luggage on aeroplanes and will easily hold your magazines, laptops, chargers and wallets while you fly. Once you have reached your destination and your trip is underway, these bags will continue to be useful as beach bags, picnic bags, day bags, shopping bags or swimming bags. When they are empty, these cotton tote bags will fold into your pocket, suitcase or handbag. Advertise your brand overseas and print on one or both sides, full-bleed or placement printing.

Conscious consumption

2018 was the year that everybody woke up to the impacts we are having on the natural world. This year will see more and more consumers questioning their own habits, as well as the production methods of the things that they buy. Single-use plastic has become public enemy number one, and more people than ever are trying to avoid producing and buying it. There have been numerous changes in policy that have led to higher numbers of shoppers taking their own reusable bags to the supermarket. By working with us, you can create high quality, reusable packaging that will continue to advertise your brand or mission long after the point of sale.

Environmental impact

Globally, we produce over 5 trillion single-use plastic bags every single year. That means that every second, 160,000 plastic bags are made and most of these have an average lifespan of just 12 minutes until they are thrown away. When a plastic bag is discarded, it will find its way into landfill where it will try (and fail) to degrade whilst emitting harmful off-gasses that contribute to global warming. This is because plastic is derived from non-renewable oil, which is a diminishing resource. Our reusable tote bags can be reused over 5,000 times and so support plastic bag reduction. Our mission is to produce our tote bags in ways that benefit the planet, instead of harming it. We offer a wide range of natural fabrics such as jute, cotton and silk. Our natural fabrics are created from fibres that are grown in a field – not made in a lab – and so they will biodegrade at the end of their life. Natural fibres also respond well to all of our eco-friendly printing and dyeing methods, so your prints will look fresh throughout the bag’s life. The inks and print pastes that we use are REACH compliant, and you can further reduce your environmental impact by opting for one of our GOTS certified organic fabrics.

Social impacts

Everything we offer at Supreme Creations / Bags of Ethics is made at our own factory in Pondicherry, South India. By owning our own factory, we can guarantee transparency in our supply chain and ensure that we benefit everybody who works to produce your tote bags. In India, our workforce is 9/10 female, and most of these women are the main breadwinners for their families. We value the welfare and wellbeing of all of our staff, and ensure we have strict and up-to-date regualtions for fair wages and working conditions. Our efforts in the factory are recognised by Fairtrade, and we also offer Fairtrade cotton fabric options so that you can ensure everybody in the supply chain of your tote shopping bag is paid fairly.

Bespoke brand matching

We love working with you on your promotional projects. Our motto is don’t be boring, and what we mean by this is that it is impossible to be boring with our unparalleled range of customisable options. We can manufacture anything you desire – panels of contrasting fabric, customised labels and handles, zipped inner pockets and printed linings. The fact that we own our factory means that we have attractive minimum order quantities, but can also produce bags for large multinational events. Don’t miss out on this opportunity - print your brand’s logo or artwork with our many printing techniques. We offer placement printing, full-bleed (edge-to-edge) printing or plain dyed. We can print designs in up to 7 different colours, and add stylish foil, flock or metallic layers to really bring your projects to life.

Customer satisfaction

We a long, varied and global list of happy customers who have rated us 4.6 out of 5 on Google reviews. Our valued clients come in all shapes and sizes – from small independent farm shops, to large and multinational events. Fashion show, fundraiser or food store, we will match to your brand and work with you to produce and unforgettable range of printed promotional material. Read some testimonials below:

I used Supreme Creations for some event goody bags. From start to finish I was really impressed with their professionalism and service. I received samples of the types of bag available and once I had picked what I wanted the whole process was incredibly smooth. The bags were exactly what I wanted and the quality of the bags exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Supreme Creations.
Kerry Lambird

Great Company with great stuff!
Very friendly contact with the Support. Simon helped me with every Question i had. We haven't been in hurry so everything was fine. The quality of the print and the bags are great and this for such a good price. We're very happy about our cooperation.
Tamara Quadrelli

“I worked with Supreme Creations and Bags of Ethics on behalf of TEDxLondon for our 2018 flagship event. Theo and the team provided a really outsanding service. Communication was excellent, the price was very competitive and most importantly, the 2650 printed tote bags we ordered are of a superb quality. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the very near future!”
Elliot Howells