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canvas satchel

Canvas satchel with shoulder strap

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satchel handbags

Canvas satchel bag with flap and shell buttons

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Satchel handbags

Our high quality and eco friendly Satchel handbags are traditionally used for school bags, travel bags, shopping bags and grocery bags etc. Custom design with your brand logo designed Satchel bags are great tool to promote your business on streets.

Design aspects of Satchel bags

Large and practical, these satchel bags feature long, over-the-shoulder handles that make them easy to carry. These useful and sturdy satchel bags are perfect if you are after something a little different from a conventional tote. Our satchel handbags are strong, capacious and easy to carry. They are great for school bags, sports bags or travel bags. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and fabrics and select cord, ribbon, fabric ties or cotton rope from our customisable handle options. We can also add zips and convenient pockets, or print a bespoke lining that will add a personalised finishing touch. We can design a personalised satchel bag to your specific design, and custom print your projects using a variety of inks, dyes and processes. The bag’s design means that it has a very spacious interior that can be used for almost any occasion. These satchels are perfect for using as a woman’s handbag, child’s schoolbag or man’s satchel. We will cater to your specific requirements and can produce these bags in a wide range of fabrics – from chic faux leather, to sturdy canvas. Stand out by printing on the shoulder straps or gussets.

Multiple uses of Satchel bags

Satchel bags are a very versatile product that has many applications in a wide range of settings. As well as being a great product, these satchels are a great promotional tool and will continue to advertise for your brand/organisation long after the point of sale. Our cross body satchel bags are a perfect choice if you are after something a little different from a conventional tote shopping bag. There are hundreds of different possibilities when you choose a satchel as your promotional material.

Satchel as a Sports bags

These strong and spacious bags are ideal for carrying any sports or gym equipment. The over shoulder strap makes carrying bulky gym kits easy and convenient, and the gussets increase the bag’s capacity so that trainers, water bottles, clothing and shower items can all be carried with ease. These satchel bags can be personalised to your specific requirements – you could print your club’s logo or mascot on the front flap, print your sportswear brand’s mission on the large over-shoulder straps, or even print on inside pockets. If you choose one of our natural fabrics such as cotton or canvas, then your bag will even be machine washable – an essential requirement for any sports bag.

As a technology bags

Satchel bags have strong over-shoulder straps that make carrying precious technology items such as laptops or tablets easy and secure. The front flap works as a protective layer for keeping your laptop weatherproof and the inside pockets are brilliant for holding chargers, pen-drives or headphones. Customise the shape of your satchel bag to include extra pockets for paperwork and books. Print your motto, logo or artwork anywhere on these bags and ensure that your brand is seen regularly and in a multitude of places. We offer a variety of fabric thicknesses that will make sure that your valuable technology items are kept safe and secure.

School Satchel Handbags

School satchel bags are perfect in any educational setting – whether a primary school bag or a university bag. Carry your notebooks, textbooks, pencil cases and lunches in our strong and spacious satchel bags. Print your organisation’s badge, logo or mascot on the front of our satchel bags. Canvas is the perfect material for school bags because it is strong, long lasting and machine washable (perfect for school-related spillages).

As a Shopping handbags

Satchel handbags are no longer reserved for school children, and have recently regained popularity for handbags for both men and women. Choose from our high-end fabrics such as faux leather, or suede and produce a chic handbag that will be perfect for style-conscious shoppers. We will dye to any Pantone shade you desire, and can produce a wide range of looks – from bright and eye-catching printed satchels, to chic and simple plain black or brown satchels. The over-shoulder strap is a safe way to carry your belongings in a busy city. We can also add custom pockets that conveniently hold personal essentials such as phones, cosmetics, glasses or pens.

As a kitchen bags

Our canvas satchel bags are brilliant for chefs to use in the kitchen. They will comfortably hold aprons, cooking materials and recipe books and are machine washable so they will remain hygienic in a food setting. Print your restaurant’s logo, or kitchen’s recipes or a photograph of your favourite chef using our array of printing techniques.

As a grocery bags

These bags are great for taking to the supermarket. Their strength makes them perfect for carrying heavier grocery items such as milk cartons, vegetables or frozen goods. The cross body strap is a comfortable way of transporting produce without straining your back muscles.

As a holiday travel bags

Our satchel bags are ideal for carrying your travel essentials. They can be used for anything from a working business trip, to a family beach holiday. They are the perfect size for using as carryon luggage and the inside pockets are ideal for holding smaller items such as glasses, phones or wallets. Once you have arrived at your destination, these large satchel bags are great for carrying picnics, groceries or beach items.

Conscious consumption of Satchel bags

2018 was the year that we all woke up to the impact we are having on the planet. More consumers than ever are questioning the processes involved in producing the things they buy. Plastic bags are currently very unpopular, and changing legislations combined with changes in consumer behaviour has caused a drastic reduction in their production. Be a part of this change; stay on trend and eco-friendly by choosing our reusable bags. Reduce your company’s environmental impact by opting for our ethically sourced natural fabrics and eco-friendly dyes, inks and print pastes. Like everything we produce at Supreme Creations / Bags of Ethics, these personalised gift bags are manufactured in our Fairtrade factory, and so you can pride yourself on choosing to manufacture with a company that holds environmental and social wellbeing very highly. The Bags of Ethics label is a guaranteed way of displaying your care for the planet to your customers.

Environmental impacts of Satchel

Single-use packaging is having a detrimental effect on the environment. A plastic carrier bag is derived from non-renewable oil and is used for an average of just 12 minutes before it is thrown into landfill. Once in landfill, it will release harmful toxins as it tries (and fails) to degrade. Some plastic bags find their way into the world’s oceans where they cause serious harm to marine life of all varieties. We don’t do disposable at Supreme Creations/Bags of Ethics, and strive to produce beautifully designed packaging solutions whilst protecting the environment. We are always striving to inflict the minimum amount of damage to the environment, and encourage our customers to choose from our wide range of natural fabrics. Our south Indian factory only uses REACH compliant, eco-friendly dyes, print pastes and inks, and we also offer GOTS certified organic cotton options so that you can further minimize your environmental impact.

Social impacts of Satchel

The people involved in our supply chain are as important to us as planetary welfare and the final packaging product. We own our own manufacturing facilities in south India and this sets us apart from other packaging companies because it means that we can guarantee our supply chain is transparent. It also means that we have complete control over production and can customise your products to your exact requirements. Our valued workforce in India is 90% female – and the majority of these women are the main breadwinners for their families. We hold the welfare of all our staff members very highly and adhere to strict codes of practice for fair wages and occupational safety. Our factory is Fairtrade accredited we offer Fairtrade certified cotton options so that you can package your gifts whilst promoting fair labour conditions of everybody involved in their production.

Bespoke brand matching with Satchel Handbags

We love working with your brands on their promotional projects. The fact that we own our factory in India gives us complete creative control over production and therefore we can match to you desired specifications. Personalise your satchel bags by adding interesting trims, see-through windows or multi layers of metallic foil. Provide your customers with a beautiful satchel bag that will remain useful for years to come. We can add zips, pockets, or even make the bag reversible. Any shape, size or colour is possible when you choose to manufacture with us. We can customise handles, labels, pockets and linings to give you a truly unique end product.

Customer’s satisfaction with our products

We have a long, varied and global list of happy customers who come to us every time they have a new project. Our loyal client base is made up of a wide range of people, companies, establishments and organisations that come in all shapes and sizes – from small, independent farm shops, to large, multinational promotional events. Our low minimum order quantities really appeal to smaller enterprises, but the size of our factory means that we can cater to much larger projects too.

Read some of their testimonials below:

“Excellent service as always, thank you”
Melanie Bates

“Efficient and fast service. No complaints at all! Best part, organic and fair trade.”
Damià Rubio

“I worked with Supreme Creations and Bags of Ethics on behalf of TEDxLondon for our 2018 flagship event. Theo and the team provided a really outsanding service. Communication was excellent, the price was very competitive and most importantly, the 2650 printed tote bags we ordered are of a superb quality. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the very near future!”
Elliot Howells

“I used Supreme Creations for some event goody bags. From start to finish I was really impressed with their professionalism and service. I received samples of the types of bag available and once I had picked what I wanted the whole process was incredibly smooth. The bags were exactly what I wanted and the quality of the bags exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Supreme Creations.”
Kerry Lambird

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Carbon Offset

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Always Reusable

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Our wholesale reusable bags and customised home textiles have been used to promote well known international brands as well as many smaller enterprises.


Our Eco Friendly bags and ethical standards have been recognised by many prestigious industry bodies and international organisations.