Organic Fairtrade Personalised Bags

Additional organic and Fairtrade options for your personalised bags for life


We are consistently striving towards becoming an entirely sustainable manufacturer, eventually providing only sustainable options for your personalised bags. Currently we have options to increase the sustainability of your product, while ensuring all our bags have the Bags of EthicsTM label which highlights ways in which our products are created within ethical working conditions with the purpose of being reusable and recyclable.


Fairtrade bags :

We are accredited by the FairTrade Foundation, this requires us to adhere to a set of strict criteria for all products we create with the FairTrade mark. This mark ensures that the materials used and have been sourced locally to the factory, ensuring fair pay and treatment of farmers in the developing world. While we own our own factory in India we have to externally source our suppliers. There is additional cost for Fairtrade options when designing your bag for life. We will only include the mark if we can guarantee your product is certified against internationally agreed Fairtrade standards, set by the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO).


Organic :

We also provide the additional option of producing organic bags, using only GOTs certified yarn. This also enquires an additional charge but is something we are happy accommodate.


Non-toxic inks :

We use entirely eco-friendly, non-toxic inks for your personalised, promotional bags. This is the case for all the materials we use; cotton, jute, hessian and more. So you have room for total creativity when designing branded artwork and colourful logo .

Wholesale :

We are wholesale manufacturers so produce personalised bags in large quantities, the minimum order is 200 but we don’t have maximum and can tailor to all types of industries, large and small.