canvas tote bags and shoppers

Printed canvas tote bags

Canvas Tote Bags and Shoppers

Canvas was once used in the making of sails, and the strength and light weight required at sea is just as useful in creating great quality bags. Let us put this fantastic fabric to work for you and help you promote your brand with style, control, and without harming the planet.


Wholesale canvas tote bags

Choose the perfect Style :

Whether you are looking for shopping bags, tote bags, we can help. Not only this, we can custom manufacture whatever design you like. So if you have a special project in mind, make your canvas bags with Supreme Creations. View our canvas bags

Customise your design :

Once you have chosen the perfect style, you can benefit from our unmatched range of custom printing options. We offer more choice than any other UK manufacturer, with anything from standard screen print to luxurious Metallic and Puffy prints and even embroidery. However you want to present you logo or design, we can make it happen.

Wholesale Canvas Bags :

Get as many canvas bags as you need, wholesale. We can manufacture almost any number of bags, from 200 to 2 million. Whether you are a chain of stores or a tiny local business, we can make just the right amount for you.

Organic and Fairtrade canvas bags :

All our bags carry the internationally recognised Bags of Ethics label to show they have been made in an ethical and eco-friendly way. But you can never be too zealous in trying to help the world, so we also offer organic and Fairtrade canvas bags. Just ask one of our sales team for more details.


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Canvas bag with long handles

CANBLH5- Canvas Bag with long handles 38(w)x43(h)


Canvas bag, gusset and long handles

CANBGLH4- Canvas Bag, gusset & long handles 38(w)x43(h)


Canvas landscape beach shoulder bag

CANBGLH184- Canvas Landscape Beach Shoulder Bag 48(w) x 38(h)



Many thanks to all involved for a quick turnaround. The quality of the bags and the print is absolutely fantastic, we couldn't be happier.

- Jamie, Dynamic Colour