Moor Haircare

Vegan Leather Rounded Pouch Bag Printed Gold.

Looking to produce a luxury and sustainable gift with purchase

Moor is a Spanish haircare brand pioneer in hair care with revolutionary treatments for filling, straightening and smoothing. There are known for transforming and smoothing the appearance of hair by introducing a haircare analysis system that has the ability to be personalized for customers.

Moor Haircare approach our team with the idea to create a pouch bag as a gift with purchase for a promotional online event. The pouch bag should represent the brand values and be large enough to fit any of the products in Moor haircare product ranges.



How to convey brand values into a pouch bag

Moor Haircare marketing team had already a solid idea of the shape of the pouch bag they wanted, which made the project easier for Su-preme Creations development team.

Once decided on the artwork – a logo printed on a single side - it was agreed to match a white faux leather with a golden zip and a black and gold printed logo.

There was an intense back and forth between the clients and our sales manager to ensure that they were able to get the desired quality and shape with a smooth zip opening.

A sustainable and cruelty-free gift with purchase

Faux leather is a fabric that matches cruelty free and sustainable business values for being reusable more than 5,000 times, high quality and cruelty free.

Once the vegan approved pouch bags were delivered, Moor Haircare customers were happy to receive this practical and cruelty free luxury bag to keep their haircare products in one place.

This pouch is used as a promotional tool as a gift for multiple purchases. Know more about Moor Haircare HERE

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