Why you should get your own tote

As a busy 15-year old who is dealing with the horrendous stress of GCSEs, I need a sturdy and durable bag that I can use time and again for my books and PE kit. Every time I have PE, I bring my kit in a black tote bag that has a little pocket on the inside and is large enough to fit my trainers as well. I think it’s so beneficial because it’s comfortable to wear and it looks quite stylish, if I do say so myself.

Durable bag why you should get your own tote

Every Saturday, I take Bahasa Indonesian classes in Westminster, so of course I would need a tote bag that carries my folder, books, papers and pencil case safely all the way to central London. A tote bag is the perfect solution because it’s easy to carry, light and there’s no fuss to it. It’s a much better solution to single-use plastic bags because it doesn’t create waste, it looks more stylish and it lasts a whole lot longer!

Nowadays, it’s really important to recycle because the amount of waste that is in our oceans is shocking. For example, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge, swirling pile of trash in the Pacific Ocean that is now three times the size of France! Do you really want to be contributing to that? Or would you rather use a bag that lasts a lifetime and look stylish whilst doing so… Sea animals such as seals and fishes are constantly mistaking the small particles of plastic that have broken down in the oceans, as food. The pieces of plastic suppresses their ability to reproduce, which could lead to the entire extinction of a species! We shouldn’t create as much waste as we have done in the past, which is why reusable tote bags are great!

It’s not just me who loves tote bags though. My friend Nabila is a university student, who is always out and about dealing with her film projects! She says:

“I love tote bags mostly because of its size, it’s perfect for university. I can place a notebook, my film camera and a bottle of water. They’re also very light so they’re not adding extra weight without losing the ability to hold a lot of stuff. They’re pretty much my go-to bag!”

Top shop why you should get your own tote
Amirah Sadeli

I’m a firm believer in ethical manufacturing. A company that promotes bags that have been ethically sourced is Supreme Creations. They are the world’s largest ethical manufacturer of reusable bags and textiles and have even worked over 50,000 clients such as huge companies like Topshop and Nike!

Supreme Creations have great bags that I want to actually buy for myself! The range of designs means that there’s a little something for everyone. In addition they have, “a modern factory in Pondicherry, near Chennai in Southern India with its own design, printing, stitching and finishing departments, offering high levels of quality control standards.”

To conclude, everyone should get their own reusable tote bag. You can use it every day for books, groceries or for carrying your essentials to work. They help to reduce waste because you aren’t carelessly taking lots of single-use plastic bags that eventually end up in a landfill site. Finally, there’s a whole range of designs so it’s definite you can find one that suits your style.