As a sustainable and ethical manufacturer, we are deeply concerned about climate change and how we can, as a member of a community, incite our suppliers, partners, and clients to be involved into saving our planet.

1. Let’s Start with the Obvious: the Shipping

We did the maths* for you and we have a winner BY FAR: Shipping by sea:

Big or small order, with a bit of planning and scheduling you can save not only money and shipping costs but also huge amount on your product carbon footprint!

2000 jute big bags Save 900 euros 44 boxes x 528 kg 13.47 tonnes GHG-emissions
2000 heavy canvas bags Save 750 euros 20 BOXES X 240 kg 1.492 tonnes GHG-emissions Co2
*Source: foot print calculator:


  • A sea freight will takes only 6 more weeks compared to an air freight in your delivery schedule, so plan, plan plan is our tip number 1.
  • Also place big orders, as a small order cannot be dispatched by sea.
  • If you are able to place a big order to save money and carbon footprint, but you need urgently a small amount, we can be flexible and do 2 shipments, one by air freight and 1 by sea freight. Just ask, we are always happy to accommodate your needs.

2. Save the Planet and Save the Cost of Delivery Switching to Photo Approval

opale tote by supreme creations

Sending strike off from factory to your address is a long process and cost money and have a carbon footprint

We offer high quality immediate photo approval to check that your product satisfies all your needs.

3. Planning Helps Us to Reduce Your Products Carbon Footprint

Although we try to source fabrics, inks and dyes in the most sustainable and ethical way, planning in advance will always help us to reduce your product carbon footprint.

As sustainability and ethically sourced materials are very important to us, we want to give you a vote of confidence that all our products at Supreme Creations are shipped by in the most eco-friendly and ethical way possible.