As consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of single-use plastic bags, they have diverted their attention to more reusable bags and began to use those in replacement of the single-use plastic bags.

I have queried some people on how they use reusable bags in their everyday life.

Nabila, 21, university student studying film:

Ual student how do people reuse bags in everyday life

“I love tote bags mostly because of its size, it’s perfect for university. I can place my notebook, my film camera and a bottle of water in one. They’re also very light so they’re not adding extra weight without losing the ability to hold a lot of stuff. They’re pretty much my go-to bag.”

TatjanaSaphira, 20, Actress:

Tatjana saphira how do people reuse bags in everyday life

“I use reusable bags because I dislike having to ‘collect’ plastic bags at home and not knowing how to make use of them. I also like it when I use reusable bags because I feel like I’m making a tiny contribution for the betterment of our Earth. I use them when I intentionally go out to shop (grocery shopping and sometimes clothes too). I would of course be open to trying out some bags from Supreme Creations.

Aaron, 16, sixth form student:

Air how do people reuse bags in everyday life

“I use reusable bags to carry things like shoes when I am packing or using it for bins my room. I also use them to carry a throwaway lunch bag.”

Eloise, 14, secondary school student:

“My parents bought 20 reusable bags for regular shopping because we don’t want to ruin the earth any more than it already is.”

Vannesya, 14, secondary school student:

“I mostly use reusable bags when food shopping. We do quite a lot of food shopping so we use them very often and it’s very handy to have a spare one just in case. The advantages are that the reusable bags are stronger and more durable compared to the normal plastic bags you get in supermarkets. I would be open to using a bag from Supreme Creations.”