Custom printing for wholesale orders: Cotton, Canvas and Jute bags

Custom printed fabric bags are the promotional products of the future. Already the BPMA identifies them as the second most kept promotional product, lasting an average of over 5,000 uses, all the while being used and seen by potential customers. As printed fabric bags continue to grow in importance we are ready to help you produce your perfect shopping bag, promotional tote or giveaway, with the greatest range of custom printing and manufacturing options of any UK manufacturer. We can print your logo and design on our Cotton, Canvas, Jute and Juco bags, producing them wholesale from 100% natural, ethically sourced fabric in our prizewinning factory.

Cotton has been used to make fabric for the whole of recorded history- for very good reasons. This lightweight, breathable fabric can be made into perfect lightweight tote and shopping bags, especially for those looking for great value with a smaller budget.

Canvas is another fabric with a long history. Used to make sails, tents and other things where strength was key, canvas can just as easily be used to manufacture durable bags that combine strength with a light weight, the perfect blend of style and substance.

Jute is known as the “Golden Fibre” due to its colouring, and is a versatile and low cost fabric. Unlike most other fibres, Jute fibres are part cellulose and part lignin, making Jute partly a textile fabric and partly wood. This translates into great strength, at a very low cost.

To make your orders your own, there is no company in the UK that can match our incredible range of custom printing and manufacturing options for wholesale orders. Our dizzying array of custom printing options ranges from transfer and screen prints to special metallic inks, puffy print styles and even embroidery to help your bags send the message you want them to. For wholesale orders of over 1,000 units we can custom manufacture your bags as well; on top of the standard options you will find on this website we can make any shape, colour, size or style of bag for you. Your campaigns are unique, which is why we are bespoke; any printing style, accessory, design innovation, nothing is out of reach when you work with us to produce your promotional products!